6 Email Marketing Trends You Need For Your Business In 2019

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Have you started implementing the email marketing trends in your business? Over the years, e-mail marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that has recorded massive success. With the rise of technology, many business owners think email marketing is outdated. With the rave on videos, artificial intelligence, chatbots and more, email marketing seems to be less relevant.  But it’s not true. Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of marketing. It also plays a key role that cannot be neglected in digital marketing. If you want more leads, then you need to focus on email marketing. You cannot afford to leave out email marketing from your business, especially for startup and small-scale business.

If you need a more directive way to connect with your leads on a personal level. If you’re passionate about following up your leads, email is the way to go. You’re missing on a whole lot of benefits if you abandon email marketing for other digital marketing strategies. Social media marketing has a lot of hype but email marketing drives more engagements. Customer engagements have a lot to with your website’s rankings on search engines.

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Some business owners have started using email marketing but it’s not yielding enough results. Why is this? It’s because you’re not keeping up with the trend. If you have any business online, you have to keep up with the trend. That’s the only way to stay relevant. Before we state these email marketing trends, let’s look at what email marketing is.

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What Is Email Marketing?

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Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies. It’s basically the use of electronic mail as a means of promoting your business/brand/product by sending direct messages to a list of e-mails. Emails are really effective in the promotion of business and marketing of products and services but it still depends on how you approach it. According to research, most of your customers are created from the e-mail audience. That shows how effective email marketing is. If you want to build your customer base, email marketing is your best bet.

With everything that has been said, have you thought of how email marketing will benefit your business/brand? Well, this post will help you out.

Benefits of Email Marketing

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The benefits and impacts of email marketing in your business cannot be overemphasized. It’s a valuable tool for all types of marketing you might intend to use. We have carefully selected lots of ways email marketing can benefit your business/brand. Have a look at them.

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1. Creates Brand Awareness

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When you provide valuable contents to your audience, they become more aware of your brand. Recognition increases automatically. Once you get your prospective customer more involved with your brand, your brand will get that awareness. You already know brand awareness means more activities on your page. More activities = more traffic and a higher rank on search engines. Emails also help you get feedback from your prospective customers.

2. Builds Customer’s Relationship

Emails make communication more personal. If you want to build a good relationship with your customers, sending emails is the best way. When you send emails to your customers, they get to see it on time, unlike social media. Providing information directly in their inbox consistently builds the customer’s relationship. When they get to know about giveaways or promos before others, the trust increases. This, therefore, increases sales.

3. Builds Brand’s Credibility

Sending emails to your audience or prospective customers will build the credibility of your brand. It makes your brand look valid, professional and credible. Ensure that your audience grants you permission before sending them emails. By sending these emails, the credibility of your brand is ascertained.

4. Increases Sales

Promoting your business through emails that you send to your audience gives them access to purchase the products/services directly. Most business owners don’t know they can make sales with emails. When you send emails that promote your products/services, your customers get a deeper insight into what you’re offering. they also get to see the link that directs them to the page. It makes easy for them to purchase the products/services.

5. Boost Traffic

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As you include links from your website in the emails you send, it redirects them to your website. The more they clink this link, the more traffic you have. As you create leads, you get more traffic simultaneously. This is why it’s important you include links in every email you send. It’s very important for traffic. When you get more traffic, your rank increases on search engines which are good for your website.

Email Marketing Trends For Business Growth

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Email marketing evolves with time and if you can’t keep up, its impact on your business will be lost. As effective as email marketing is, you need to make some effort to enjoy its effectiveness. By adopting these trends, you’ll be able to connect with your customers all the time. Here are the email marketing trends you need to adopt in 2019.

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1. Personalized Contents

Email marketing contents should be based on your customer’s behaviour. How will this happen? By personalizing the contents you send to them. Personalized contents increase engagements, customer’s satisfaction and retention. Customers connect to emails that speak to them directly. It builds your customer loyalty strength. It also encourages a good relationship between your brand and its customers.

For you to achieve this, then you have to know your audience. When the research is done, you’ll know how to personalize the contents sent to them. To stay on top of your email marketing game, you need to start putting out personalized contents.

2. Interactive Contents

If you want to run an email marketing campaign, you need interactive content. This has been a trend for some time. Studies have shown that interactive contents bring more result. It’s very important to make your content responsive. The interactive contents can come in the form of quizzes, live social media feeds, forms, clickable hotspots, etc. All these examples allow your audience to interact with the content of your email.

The more engaged the subscribers are, the more likely they purchase your products/services. The goal behind sending interactive contents is to allow free flow of conversion from prospective to paying customers. Ensure you use interactive contents more often.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, email marketing will become more interesting. Artificial intelligence will help you develop effective contents (topics, subject lines, etc), optimize the timing for sending the emails and predict audience actions. It would help you identify trends and understand how to use them for your marketing strategy. It ends up boosting conversions rate on your website. When it comes to email marketing, AI is very important. From generating engaging subject lines to automating optimized contents, AI is what you need to take your email marketing to another level. It also customizes email promotions. What are you waiting for? Start today!

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4. Videos

According to research, videos drive more than 60% traffic to your website. Most people want video contents from email marketers. We can categorically tell you that they would save these videos. Video contents are known to increase the engagement rate on your website. If you want to step up your email marketing efforts, add related videos. It also boosts sales. All you need to do is combine all the facts in a video and send it. You’ll be shocked at the level of response you’ll receive from that email. When you promote an email with video contents, you’ll get more engagements and traffic. Ensure you start adding video contents to your emails.

5. Mobile Optimization

With the widespread of mobile devices, you’ll be missing out on a whole lot if you haven’t optimized your email to mobile. Most people view their emails from their mobile devices so it’s advisable to optimize for mobile. About 62% of people open their emails on their mobile devices, you can’t afford to miss out these numbers because you’re yet to optimize for mobile. Start designing your emails for mobile.

In doing this, you need to utilize the subject line so the recipient can know what you want to tell them. Also, use a single-column layout. All these tips will optimize emails for mobile devices. Ensure you optimize the emails you send for mobile.

email marketing trends 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

6. Attractive Designs

Most people believe emails are all about text only. This has been the style almost all business owners practise. But things have changed. 2019 has introduced some new ways you communicate with your audiences via emails. Brands have started focusing on design elements like illustrations, icons, graphics and many more. Your design can speak a lot to your audience without saying much. Get a good graphic designer to communicate what you want your audience to see in design elements. You’ll notice a more positive response from them. This trend is working for business owners, you shouldn’t be left behind.

Whether you want to generate more leads, increase conversion rate and make sales, email marketing should be your strategy. But if you don’t keep up with the trend, it would be hard to achieve all these. This is why we brought these email marketing trends to you. It’s important you adopt them so you can achieve your business goals in 2019.

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