Learn How To Build Sustainable Backlinks In These 6 Simple Ways

how to build backlinks 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

Do you know how to build sustainable backlinks in 2019? We bet not. Getting organic traffic to your website is a major concern for every online business. Are you in a position where you put out lots of content without getting enough traffic in return? You must have tried several means to get organic traffic to your website but all your efforts are proving abortive. You might have even gone the extra mile with paid ads on social media and all. With the urgent need to drive traffic, you must also save enough cash. This is very important for small-scale and startup business folks. You can’t be spending thousands on ads every week.

The relevance of your website solely depends on the amount of traffic you’re able to drive. Since this is very important, you need to device other means of getting around the traffic. You already know lots of traffic is equal to a high rank on search engines. One of the significant ways you can achieve this is by building backlinks. Getting backlinks is an effective SEO strategy. The earlier you start using it, the better for your website.

With everything said, we have to understand what backlink is and how important it is to your website.

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What Is A Backlink?

how to build backlinks 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

You must have heard the phrase ‘backlink’ in digital marketing several times. A backlink is an external link directed to your website from another website. The definition of a backlink is as simple as that. A backlink can be likened to ‘vote of confidence’. It further means that visitors or other websites find something valuable on your website and decides to look into it. This, therefore, builds your traffic and automatically increases your rank and relevance on search engines.

When considering things you should and shouldn’t be doing to improve your SEO, we can tell you that building backlinks are one of the things you should definitely be doing. It moves your website to high ranking without even paying for ads. Isn’t that amazing?

Why Are Backlinks Important To Your Website

For you to improve your SEO, you need to up your game on getting backlinks to your website. Do you know backlinks helps off-page SEO? When you get links from an authorized website, your visibility on search engines automatically increases. Backlinks on your website automatically mean others vouch for the authenticity of your website. Backlinks are one of Google’s most important ranking factor. This is why you can’t go slow in building these backlinks.

Here are some of the reasons backlinks are important to your website.

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1. Drives Referral Traffic

how to build backlinks 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

All your traffic is not supposed to just come from search engines, they are also meant to come from your links. Referral traffic brings quite a large percentage of traffic to your website. It means people are clicking on the links in your contents which takes them to the linked contents. When a site with lots of traffic clicks on your website, it automatically boosts the traffic on your website. Just one link on a popular website can give you traffic for years.

2. Builds Your Brand Authority

When you get your links on popular websites, it automatically builds the authority on your brand. It gives Google the indication that your brand is relevant in providing good information and also makes your customer believe in your brand. Customers will then take an interest in your brand/business/products/services. This also presents your company as an information source.

3. Long Term Directory And Traffic

We all know the internet grows every day. When you get your links on popular websites, you’ll keep getting traffic on your website for years to come. This means more traffic and popularity also for your company. These kinds of links can keep attracting visitors for many more years.

4. Brand Awareness

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Backlinks give your business/brand the recognition you desire. It helps you spread the word about your brand. When people are reading a content where your links are distributed, they’ll be aware of your website and before you know it, it becomes easy for them to recognise your link anywhere they find it. When these set of people come across your contents online, they’ll either read them or visit your website. It’s one of the two. Your brand’s name will begin to register in their minds.

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How Do You Build Backlinks Without Struggling In 2019?

The main purpose of building links is to improve the organic traffic of a website. You must have been convinced about the need to build backlinks but you don’t know how to. There’s no magic to building backlinks. It’s not rocket science. We have carefully selected the simple and effective ways you can build backlinks in 2019. There are many ways you can build backlinks without struggling or trying too hard.

You need to know that the key to building sustainable backlinks is by producing high-quality content on your website. Since you already know the importance of backlinks, let’s look at how you can build them.

Here’s how to build backlinks without struggling in 2019.

1. Create High-Quality Contents

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If you recall, it was mentioned earlier that the key to creating a long-lasting backlink is by creating high-quality content. This is so true. You know good contents have a way of flying even when they are yet to be promoted. When you create high-quality contents with the right keywords, it would generate backlinks without any extra efforts being added to it. It may take some time for you to see the result but it would eventually generate backlinks. When it comes to contents, you choose quality over quantity.

After creating your content, you can also link it to the relating topics on the first page on search engines. You already know if a particular content is on the first page, it means a lot of people are reading it, this is why we advise you link to it. If you do these, you’ll be amazed at the impacts it would have on your traffic in helping you build backlinks.

2. Use More Infographics

Infographics are one of the most effective ways of building backlinks on your website. Since everyone likes visuals, the demand for an infographic is on the increase. Research a topic that can fit into an infographic and get a designer to create the graphics for you. After the design has been done, add an embedding code so people can use it on their website. By doing that, you are building backlinks from those websites using it.

Ensure you have your logo on the infographics, that way you also create brand awareness in the process. Also, add keywords to the embedded code that you input into the infographic. Research for trending topics when you want to use infographics.

how to build backlinks 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

3. Build Internal Links

For you to have a successful blog, you need an internal link. When you put internal links to good use, you’ll help your visitor navigate your website without stress. This way you can also improve the user’s experience on your website. How do you achieve this? By linking your previous blog to the present blog post. You can also put relevant links like products/services page, contact us page and many more. It also helps your SEO and increasing traffic on your website when they click those links.

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4. Promote Your Contents

The impact of promoting your contents is beyond brand awareness. For you to build sustainable backlinks, you need to promote your contents. Pick some of your best articles/blog posts, promote them on social media and emails. You can also reach out to people to help you promote your contents. The point is to get your content out there no matter what you do. It’s very important and it contributes immensely to building backlinks.

5. Social Media Sharing

In the previous point, we talked about promoting contents. Social media is one of the platforms that can help you put your content in people’s space. You already know social media is where everything happens. Why don’t you take advantage of the number of people following and also get more backlinks by sharing your posts? The trick is this; the more you use social media, the better it gets to know which platform works best for your brand. This will help you put more energy into that platform.

Ensure you engage your audience with the contents on your website.

6. Reviews/Testimonials

Putting customers’ testimonials/reviews on your website is actually a win-win situation. By putting your customers’ testimonials/reviews on your website helps your audience and visitors trust your brand. There’s a level of trust that’s built with these testimonials/reviews. Guess what? You’ll also be building backlinks in the process. Is that not amazing?

When you reach out to the companies and customers to give their reviews, your exposure will be increased. You’ll also get backlinks just by posting what someone thinks about your products and services. Ensure you post these testimonials/reviews on all your social media platforms so everyone gets to see it. You can also endorse the products/services of other brands. Just by seeing you on their page, the popularity of your brand increases.

Building backlinks is not a day’s job. With the ways listed above, you can see it’s not so hard to build backlinks in 2019. If you pay attention to these points, you’ll build sustainable backlinks in no time. Keeping these backlinks are also as important as building them. Be updated about the backlinks that your website is getting.

What if we tell you there’s more from where all these important information is coming from. How would you find out? Just head over to our website, www.digitalmatrixagency.com. You can also contact us for any digital marketing service and we’ll be glad to serve you better.

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