How to Create a Top-Performing Sales Copy in 15 Minutes

sales copy

Sales copy is an essential part of the product creation process in nearly every industry. The importance of sales copy cannot be underestimated when it comes to building a brand, developing a product’s value proposition or increasing revenue.

There are many copywriters in the world. But only a few of them are capable of creating even a top-performing copy for any product or service. They excel at high-volume, high-frequency marketing campaigns, so they often work on content marketing projects.

The idea behind writing an effective sales copy is that the customers should be convinced to buy what you are selling by showing them how great your product is and convincing them that it will solve their problems. 

Even though it is something that we all love to do. There are times when we just can’t seem to get it right. This problem has led many sales managers to spend hours and hours trying to figure out exactly how to write a sales copy that will allow them to close more business.  And the success is, of course, what we want or need. By reading this article you should be able to find tips and tricks on how you can achieve top-performing results in your sales copywriting efforts.

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Before we proceed to how to create a performing sales copy, let look into what sales copy means.

What is Sales Copy?

Sales copy can be defined as the type of marketing message that is used to persuade a customer to purchase a product. It is usually written in very specific terms so that it appeals to the target audience and has power over them.

It typically includes “benefit” statement, ” why you should ?” statement, and ” how we can help you ?” statements. It also includes phrases such as “we are more than happy to provide,” “our guarantee,” and “free trial.”

The goal of sales copy is to motivate prospects into feeling that the product or service will solve their problems in a way that makes them want to buy it.

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How You Can Create Top-Performing Sales Copy in 15 Minutes

In marketing, sales copy is the text that appears on a business’s packaging, product brochures and website. It’s job is to persuade customers to purchase a product or service. Here is how to create a sales copy:

1.     Create Eye-Catching Headlines That Summarize Your Offer

The right headline is the key to a successful sales copy. It must be catchy and engaging enough for visitors to click on it. In order to create a top-performing sales copy, a good idea is to stay away from clichés and use a number of short words or phrases that have been proven to have an effect on readership.

2.     Social Proof

sales copy

This is an essential component of sales copy. It is the act of providing evidence that people are talking about your product or service. This can be done through social media, press releases, customer testimonials, online marketing campaigns and more “Users can trust what you say because they’ve seen similar content in the past”.

3.     Information Architecture

The role of these is to create a clear, well-structured design that makes the content easy to find and use. This means creating information architecture to organize information in an understandable way.

One of the main responsibilities is to make sure that the content is stated clearly and concisely; this allows for users to quickly digest the information they need.“Tell me about your product or services, and I can tell you how to do it”

4.     Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Approach

The top-down approach to sales copy involves the marketer creating a product or service with clear benefits. Positioning it as the best in its class, and then convincing potential customers to buy. The bottom-up approach is more about keeping an open mind and finding out what the customer wants.

5.    Whiteboard Look-ups (e.g. Google, Wikipedia)

This is typically used by salespeople to help them with their presentations. Whiteboard look-ups are a very specific type of sales copy that usually include the names of products, services, or brands.

They often contain short descriptions of why the product is unique, how they’re different from other products, and who it’s for. Whiteboard look-ups are used primarily in B2B marketing to demonstrate how a product solves a customer’s need.

6.    Exploratory Research

This is a form of market research in which a company collects information about a potential new product or feature to better understand what its customers might think about it. Exploratory research is conducted in the early stages of a project’s lifecycle, It’s typically done to help develop an idea before embarking on any type of marketing campaign for it.

7.    Storytelling

This is a powerful tool when you’re trying to sell a product or service. It’s one of the most effective ways to get your audience’s attention and build your brand. Sales copywriters in the past have relied on storytelling techniques in order to entice prospects and close more sales in less time. ​​Create a compelling story that resonates with them on an emotional level.

8.    Call-To-Action

Call to action is an imperative part of the sales process. But what exactly is it? It’s a phrase, usually written in capital letters, that draws attention to whatever it’s preceding. This phrase prompts the customer into taking action that will help you move your product or service forward.

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