Generate Leads Through Content Marketing In These 8 Simple Ways

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Have you ever thought of the ways you can generate leads through content marketing? Most businesses fail today because they lack the knowledge of generating leads from their audiences who are potential customers. The purpose of creating a website for your business or brand is to make a profit. Profit cannot be made without generating lead. Since content marketing helps get the right audience and give your brand awareness, you shouldn’t let those audience go to waste.  Once you have the audiences, you can generate your lead and sell your products/services. Generating leads through content marketing is the key to a successful business.

Are you part of the business owner that’s struggling with generating lead through content marketing? Almost every business owners know that content is key in digital marketing. No matter what kind of business you’re in, content is very important. Since it’s important, you can generate leads through content marketing which would materialize. Lead generation cut through all digital marketing strategies and it’s time you try it with content marketing.

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First, you need to know that your content needs to be great if you have great content, the audience comes in. With a large number of audience, you can generate leads. Once you have been able to capture the leads, you make the sales you desire.

How To Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

Have you been wondering how to generate lead after putting great content on your website? Before generating leads, you need to create great content that’s optimized for your audience. It also includes the tools used to get traffic and the contents are promoted. This post will show how to generate quality leads through content marketing. Below are the leads.

1. Conduct A Comprehensive Audience Research

The first point you need to take note in content marketing is that it appeals to customers. If it doesn’t appeal to them, there would be no audience. This is why you need to make a thorough research on your ideal audiences which would turn out to be your proactive customers. Your products/services would determine the type of audience that would gravitate towards your content.  Before you create any content, ensure you understand the group of people/audiences/customers that you would have.

There are tools that can help you research your ideal customers. Tools like Facebook Audience Insights, Google Analytics, The Marketer’s Almanac, Survey Gizmo and many more.

2. Create Engaging Blog Posts

Blog posts can never be taken away from content marketing. Only informative and engaging contents should be created for customers. Make your contents irresistible for your audiences. For your blog posts to pull traffic, it has to have an interesting and enticing headline. It also has to be informative and educational with relevant photos/videos.

Long form contents get higher ranks on search engines. Use relevant keywords or your contents. Ensure you link the contents to some other blog posts on your website as well as posts that are relevant to the topic. It helps people stay on your page. With all these points taken, traffic is closer than you think.

3. Make The Right Types Of Contents

There are several types of contents but some are specifically designed for lead generations. Those are the time of contents you should make when you need to generate leads. For you to be able to generate high leads, you need to create traffic generating contents and lead generating contents.

Traffic generating contents are important because they create awareness for your business/products/brands/services. Remember you need audiences to generate leads, traffic generating contents will get you that audience through your contents. There’s no way you can generate leads without traffic. Some of the types of contents for generating traffic are blog posts, social media posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, and many more engaging contents. After generating traffic, we’ll move further to create contents that generate leads.

Contents that generate leads are contents that are created in the form of lead magnets.  A lead magnet is a free item offered for the purpose of getting the audience information. If it’s about generating leads, lead magnets are non-negotiable. Most people are reluctant to drop their email address for free except they’re about to get something out of it. Examples of contents that are great for generating leads are ebooks, webinars, free trials, discounts, coupons and many more.

4. Content Distribution And Promotion Channels

Distribution of content is key. Selection of distribution channels is as important as promoting the contents. Contents need to distributed for traffic. Distribution channels that can be employed are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and many more. These channels give organic traffic which takes time before it develops. Be selective with the channels you use. Pick the ones your target audience uses the most.

You can also use paid distribution channels for your contents. Some of the paid distribution channels are Google Adwords, Social media Ads, banner ads and many more.

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5. Guest Blogging

Quality leads can also be gotten through guest blogging. You can do this by guest writing for blogs that in your industry or niche. Guest blogging is very effective because you’re collaborating with blogs that have highly ranked and well-optimization. Using the leverage on their website to get a lot of traffic is one of the strategies to generate leads. Before you start sending your blog posts, research those blogs that receive the guest posting. Check their ranks and selected the ones you can work with. Ensure that you include lead magnets to the posts you send alongside your normal blog posts.

6. Usage Of Long-tail SEO

Your keyword choice is very important in generating leads. People that search on Google use long words most of the time. This is why you need to employ the long-tail SEO so your contents can be rank. The higher the rank, the more leads generated. The purpose of this is that you need to be available when your prospective customers come searching. Most people that use Google don’t like to go past the first page. If you haven’t optimized your website with the longtail keywords, you might not be on the first page.

To generate enough leads, you need to take this point into serious consideration. You’ll be smiling to the bank soon.

7. Get Your Blog Posts Optimized For Lead Generation

To get more lead generations, you need to get your blog posts optimized. The only way you can do this is by adding a call to action and opt-in forms in every post. This forms and CTA serves as lead magnets in the posts. You would be able to get your audience’s information. This information will help you follow them up until they become paying customers. Installing a sidebar that has the opt-in form in every of your post will make it easier for your audience to find the form. You can also use a slide in form.

Once you get the form installed, you need to monitor the posts that have more traffic. Follow up the emails or contacts that read that contents or landed on the page. You can also promote the contents for higher ranks.

8. Have A Planned Conversion Path

You need to create a strategy or figure out a way your audiences will always land on your landing page. Prospective customers should always have a way to reach the website’s landing page. Some of the ways this can be made possible are installing call to action on every blog posts (from the posts to home pages). Also, include a link that takes your audience to your contact us and ‘thank you’ page. Always encourage your audiences to share your posts on every social media platforms by adding a button.

Ensure you follow up with your prospective customers with emails. It helps your conversation get more personal which would improve your relationship.

It seems easy to start a blog but it is not so easy to get them to rank on search engines. For you to create the rank and generate leads, you have to always provide your audiences/prospective customers what they want. Any business can generate leads online if they’re committed to following these tips provided in this post.

Without creating great contents, all these tips will be useless. You also need to know it doesn’t stop at creating quality contents, it should also be promoted to get high traffic and ranks. With the traffic, generating leads puts the icing on the cake. It would help you get the customers you need to make sales. You don’t want to start a business without making profits so get to work today!

All these tips are quite technical and can be time-consuming. It takes a lot of expertise and consistency to achieve those sales. Guess what? We have good news for you. We can help you sort that out. DigitalMatrix specializes in content marketing and generating leads that would lead to sales. All you need to do is contact us today and we’ll be part of your success story.

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