Increase Your Facebook Engagements By Following These 8 Simple Tips

Increase facebook engagements digitalmatrix lagos

Do you know how to increase your Facebook engagements? As a business owner, you already know that digital marketing is the best way to get your products/services across to people on a large scale. One of the arms of digital marketing is social media marketing. As you already know everything happens on social media. Social media marketing can be harnessed through several social media platforms. Some of the most familiar platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat and many more. All these platforms have a unique of promoting your products/services/brand/business.

First, every business/brand that wants to make sales online must have social media platforms. These platforms, therefore, become the face of these businesses and brands. Of course, you would want the face of your business/brand to look its best; this is why you need to pay close attention to social media marketing. Posting on these social media platforms is not all there is to social media marketing, there must be engagements.

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Why Facebook Engagements?

Increase facebook engagements digitalmatrix lagos

You might have to ask yourself, why? When it comes to social media, every tiny details matter. This is why engagement is important. Engagements help to increase the traffic on your website thereby making it more accessible on search engines. It also helps you know the mindset of your paying customers/ prospective customers. It increases the activities on your page and fosters the relationship between the customers and the brand. For today’s post, we’ll be focusing on one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook.

Many people think Facebook is dead and can’t give them the number of customers they want. On the contrary, Facebook has grown with a larger reach. It has implemented special features that can help build and promote your brand/business. In order for you to enjoy the benefits of these new features, you need to increase your Facebook engagements. Increasing the engagements on your Facebook page is very paramount to the growth and expansion of your business and brand.

How Do I Increase My Facebook Engagement?

In spite of the popularity of other social media platforms, Facebook still remains one of the best platforms for businesses/brands to reach their customers. It increases your sales by driving leads to your websites. Facebook houses over 3 billion users, just imagine promoting your business on such a platform, you’re in for great sales. Have you been brainstorming on how to increase your Facebook engagements? You have nothing to worry about. We got you covered!

Increase facebook engagements digitalmatrix lagos

Tips To Increase Facebook Engagements

We have carefully selected effective tips that would help you increase Facebook engagements. The tips that would be provided in this post are simple and practical. When you implement them, you’ll experience an appreciable increase in your sales daily. Below are the tips that would help you increase your Facebook engagements.

1. Create An Inspiring And Informative Post

Increase facebook engagements digitalmatrix lagos

Most people come to Facebook just to feed their eyes. You’ll determine what they see when they get to your page. Before you put up any post, you need to ask yourself some questions like, Will they learn, get informed and inspired with this post? If your post can answer those questions, then you’ll surely have engagements. When they constantly come to your page and find something that improves them and makes their lives better, they’ll surely return. If you can be consistent with this drive, your Facebook engagement will certainly increase.

You can also make a thread with a post by starting with a question. This would inspire feedbacks from your audience. Ensure to engage with those feedbacks so they can know their comments are important to you. The question could be about the importance of your product or the service your render. This conversation will spur the need for them to patronize your products/ services. You can now end the thread with a call to action. This CTA will take them to your website or the webpage where your product/service can be purchased. This is one of the ways you can increase engagement on your Facebook page.

2. Keep Your Posts Short

Most of the people on Facebook access this platform on their mobile devices. Research has shown that when they scroll through their feeds and they find a fascinating post, they’ll pause and check it. The fact that it’s fascinating doesn’t mean they have the patience to read your epistle. No one wants to stay online reading epistles. Don’t go writing a very long post on Facebook because you want engagement. Try as much as possible to make it short, informative, precise with fascinating graphics. Focus more on the quality of your post than the quantity.

Capture your audience attention as quickly as possible so they can always engage with your post. Also, they can refer to your post when they get back online. Short and interesting post stick to people’s mind easily. This point, if adhered to will increase Facebook engagement.

3. Create More Video Content

Increase facebook engagements digitalmatrix lagos

Visuals are known to be eye-catching according to research. It registers and engages with people’s mind easily. Videos have 110% engagement rate on Facebook. You do not want to throw this advantage away. This is why videos are a strong point to help you pull engagements on your Facebook page. Aside from getting more engagement, videos attract more users to your page. Videos help them stay longer on your Facebook page. You can create videos about your brand. Introduce what your brand represents with videos, input infographics and photos in the videos. After posting the videos, add fascinating captions that would buttress the point you were trying to make with the video. This act will promote your business/brands and also allow customers to reach out to you as fast as possible.

4. Take Advantage Of Facebook Live

Increase facebook engagements digitalmatrix lagos

Do you know you can also go live on Facebook? Certainly, you can! It’s one of the best ways you can record amazing engagements on your Facebook page. People spend more than 3 times the time they spend on just Facebook page. You need this level of engagement to increase your brand awareness. What are you waiting for? Start a Facebook live today and you’ll be glad you did. You can use the live videos to share tips on your products/services, to share project your brands have been involved or training in your organization.

Facebook live helps your customer ascertain the validity of your business/brand and also engage with you personally. It’s a more fun way to reach your customers. It gives the opportunity to share things that would take you time to post on your Facebook page. The good thing about the live video is that it can be sent to personal profiles. So you can send it to your audience’s profile that didn’t get to participate in the live streaming.

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5. Create A Facebook Group

Your activities on Facebook shouldn’t be limited to your page if you want more engagements. You need to create Facebook pages that would allow your audiences to interact with one another. A Facebook group is a community of like-minded people discussing shared interests. If you offer different products/services, you can create Facebook groups for each product/service. This would bring about more engagement because people of like minds get to interact with one another. This also builds your customer service strength.

Post and share information you find useful frequently to the groups. This act would allow engagement on a large scale. The members of the groups will also get to share their opinions about your industry or product. Implement this today and you’ll notice a higher engagement on your Facebook page.

6. Promote The Top Posts

When you notice that you have some posts with a large number of engagements, you ensure that you promote those posts. A post that has a high engagement is proof that your audience really likes that kind of post and would like to see more of it. All you need to do is give them what they want and how do you do this? By promoting the posts on Facebook. It helps to boost the posts. You can also do this when you have a new product/service, you want to give good awareness. It’s not so expensive to promote a post, there are levels to it. Just follow your budget and you’ll be fine. Promotion increases engagement.

7. Organize Competitions For Giveaways

We all know no one says no to free products/services, at least not in Nigeria. If you want to see the engagement you desire then you need to bring up competitions with handsome rewards. Competitions allow people to stay on your page and engage with your post. Ensure that the people participating in the competition are following you, know about your brand and engages with your post. Make the terms and conditions favour your engagements. Then, you reward the winner/ winners with your products/ services.

You can organize the giveaways during all festive periods or twice in a year. They’ll keep coming to your Facebook page and engaging with your contents. You can try this as soon as possible and you’ll be glad you did.

8. Ensure Timely Posting

Increase facebook engagements digitalmatrix lagos

In order to get engagements, you need to be strategic with the timing of your post. You need to post when your audiences are online. How will you know when they’re online? You’ll find out through your Facebook Insights. Facebook Insight will provide you with the data you need to figure out the time your audiences are online the most. You can access this by clicking the insights tab and then click posts in the left menu. It would show the data, you can also adjust the date to find out for other days.

In addition to getting the data, you can also post at different times to know which time best work with your audience. There’s really no point posting contents that they won’t get to see. So you need to do this research thoroughly so you can have the right engagements.

With these points given above, we believe driving engagements to your Facebook page will no longer be a challenge to you. Make engagement your primary priority on all your social media platforms especially Facebook. Let your contents stand out with Facebook engagements.

If you want to know more about engagements or need excellent digital marketing services, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also reach us on our website, which is, We’re here to serve you better.

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