Planning To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate? Here’s How To Achieve That

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Do you know it’s important to increase your website’s conversion rate? Getting traffic to your website is great but it doesn’t stop at that. The traffic becomes almost useless if they can’t be converted to customers or more clients. These conversions are responsible for getting you more customers and massive sales. Every business wants action to be taken by the visitors on their webpages. If you want to increase your sales, you need to increase your conversion rate. Nothing is as depressing as having a product/service online for a long time and having no one request for that product/service. This is why you need to increase the conversion rate on your website.

Are you searching for ways to increase your website conversion rate? So many business owners have spent a tangible amount on Ads but it seems not to be enough. Today’s post will show you ways to increase your website’s conversion rate. Conversion is incomplete if visitors are yet to become paying customers. Conversion is a process of making a website’s visitors take actions that will make them paying customers.

In our previous post, we spoke extensively about generating leads through content marketing. If you haven’t read that post, you need to. It would open your eyes to many opportunities you’re throwing away daily. Today’s post will show how to increase and maximize those leads. Below are easy ways to increase a website’s conversion rate.

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Ways To Increase A Website’s Conversion Rate

how to increase conversion rate digital matrix lagos Nigeria

Increasing your website’s conversion rate is important to the growth and sustenance of the business. Why? Because you need money to run the business and money can only be made through sales. How do you make money? You make it through sales. If you want to keep smiling to the bank, pay close attention to these points.

1.Focus On Landing Page Relevancy And Ads

To increase the conversion rate on your website, you need to focus on the landing page and ads. A landing page is a page on websites that serves as the entry point created specifically for advertising and marketing campaigns. Whatever information placed on the landing page should correlate with what’s displayed on the ads. Ensure the information is not different from the other. With this point, you are closer to increasing your conversion rate.

2. Conduct An A/B Test

This test is important in increasing a website’s conversion rate. What is A/B test? This test is the creation of two webpages labelled A and B to see which creates more conversion. If you want to increase your website’s conversion rate, then you need to conduct the A/B test. Conducting this test regularly is very important to your business. Why? It would help you know what you’re not doing right and what you need to improve on your website. Try this test today and you’ll notice a remarkable change in your business.

One of the tools you can use to carry out this test is Google Optimize. The good news about this tool is that it’s free. If you don’t have enough traffic, there’s no use conducting the test.

3. Build Trust

how to increase website conversion rate digital matrix lagos Nigeria

Building trust on the internet is a lot of work. There are lots of unworthy folks online, especially on social media. So, to build trust, you have to go the extra mile and be consistent. If you can increase and strengthen the trust your audience has in your brand, your conversion rate will increase a great. You know that equals to more sales. There are several ways you can build trust. Some of those are making your website look legitimate. It should be easy to read, professional, clean and contain all the necessary contact information.

Including people’s testimonies and reviews will also go a long way to validate the legitimacy of your website. Using live chats and videos will also build trust. All these and more will help you build trust which is equal to more customers. More customers bring more sales.

4. Craft A Compelling Value Proposition On Your Website

When people come/land on your website, they must be able to figure out the kind of products/services you offer. It shouldn’t take time for them to know what you sell. The reason they should patronize you (proposition) should be clearly stated on your website. Ensure that your proposition is compelling and convincing to the point that visitors start taking action. A clear and compelling value proposition helps to market your products/services more than you ever imagine.

For a good value proposition, you must make offer totally different from your competitions. Bring uniqueness to your products/services. It’s an avenue to create give your brand a unique face that makes it stand out. Your value proposition has to be communicated properly. Your audience must understand what you’re about and what they stand to gain by patronizing you. This point will help you to increase your conversion rate greatly.

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5. Make Purchasing Your Products/Services Very Easy

Make sure the process it takes to purchase or order a product/service from your page doesn’t have to be so long. Ensure you make the clicks as limited as possible. Your customers shouldn’t have to go through a rigorous process to get your products/services. This act will make them stay and also keep coming back which equals to more sales.

Make sure you direct your users at every step by telling them what to do on every page they open. In the process of doing this, make the next step look more important than the previous step which increases clicks. Always ask them to fill a field, form or sign up. You could include the feature where they choose to access a page via Google or Facebook. Try as much as possible to convince them to take your offer but DO NOT force them.

6. Create Contents Suitable For Your Target Audience

This simply means you should make contents that fit into your target audience’s interest. It boils down to your language, tone and words. In as much as you want to create rich contents, ensure you’re communicating. With good communication, conversion rate increases and sales are made. You can use tools on WordPress to determine the readability of your contents. Good communication = good conversion rate.

7. Make Your ‘Call To Action’ ( CTA) Very Obvious

The ‘call to action’ button on your page has to be very visible. It has to be placed in a place where it captures visitors as soon as they land on any of your webpages. Use strong verbs to describe the action you want them to take on the page. Ensure you use more of the active voice than passive voice because it has to have some sense of urgency and authority. You can also offer deadlines especially when you had incentives to the CTA on your webpages. It’s advisable to have your CTA button above the webpage of easy visibility.

Performing A/B test can also show you the best position to place the CTA button on the webpages.

8. Offer Value Every Time

The common mistakes most business owners/ marketers make is that they don’t communicate detailed information about their products/services which includes the value. Ensure you state the value of whatever products/services you’re offering. Make your customers see the worth of what they’re about to purchase. The best way to sell any product/service is to supply detailed information.

Ensure you add images/ videos of how the products/services work. Also, adding reviews will be a great boost for increasing conversion rate. Create sufficient content for each product/service you put out there and ensure they contain detailed information. This content will already contain some questions in the mind of your customers. It also gives a level of assurance that your brand is legitimate and you’re sure about the products/services you’re offering.

9. Use High-Quality Images

Nowadays, people’s patience to read is getting shorter so you need to figure out a way to spice up your contents. Quality images are one of the best ways to do that. Quality images on your webpages and contents is a great addition to your website and would help your users relate with your brand’s products/services. Break up texts with images and video sometimes. This would help to keep your readers or visitors engaged till the end of the blog post.

10. Offer Several Payment Options

how to increase conversion rate digital matrix lagos Nigeria

To be able to make enough sales from your increased conversion rate, you have to offer various payment options. Not everyone uses a credit card, you can also indicate other options like PayPal, Google Wallet, mobile transfer and many more. Ensure they have no reason to turn their backs at the point of purchasing the products/services due to difficulty in payment options. It’s very important for you to provide several alternatives for payment. One of the options you provided must work. If you take this point into serious consideration, you’ll experience a visible increase in your website’s conversion rate.

As technology is creeping fast into the world of marketing, more people are making purchases online and you need to take advantage of this new trend for the expansion of your business. All these 10 steps require your meticulous and undivided attention. It’s not something you just realise in a day, it takes time and patience which you need to give.

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