Here’s How To Measure Your SEO Efforts In 2019

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Do you know how to measure your SEO efforts in 2019? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a large part of digital marketing. You can’t talk about digital marketing without referring to SEO. If you have an online business and you want to make great sales,  you must have a strong SEO game. The online market is so competitive, SEO is one of the most effective routes to stay relevant. Have you noticed that your brand awareness is really slow? This is because you haven’t gotten a hang of this digital marketing strategy. So, if you haven’t started investing your time and money on SEO, you’re definitely sleeping.

What if you have been investing in SEO but you don’t know how to measure its impact? There’s a saying that goes, “if you can measure something, you can improve it”. This saying also applies to digital marketing. What’s the essence of investing in SEO if you can’t measure its impact? It’s important to be able to see the progress you’re making so you can make necessary changes. Have you ever been wondering if it’s possible to measure your SEO efforts? Well, we’re about to show you how. You’ll be able to measure your SEO efforts in 2019.

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What SEO Is All About?

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For those who don’t know what SEO is, we have some blog posts that would be mentioned in this article. It would show you quite a number of things you need to learn about SEO. Let’s just give you a quick rundown of what SEO is about. First, you need to know what SEO is. SEO is the process of getting attention to your website in the form of traffic which is gotten through organic and natural search engine results.

SEO works with Google when it comes ranking your page which means your page is easily accessible on Google. It also goes as far as improving your website which puts your business on the advantage when it comes to sales. SEO improves the visibility and usability of your website. SEO is basically a tool used to rank a website on search engines.

To rank nationally and locally, you have to use the right SEO strategies and approach. The strategies are LOCAL SEO and NATIONAL SEO. Local SEO is the optimization of your website so it can be relevant and rank better locally. It allows the local audience to find your website easily. National SEO is all about reaching a large range of audience nationally and globally. Focusing on a particular location is not important in this strategy. Both local and national SEO aims to increase the rank of every website on search engines and increase conversion.

Your brand/business sure has a targeted audience or customer, SEO helps you get your well-written contents to your target audience through search engines. If they can get access to your content and website then they can become your potential customers.

How To Measure Your SEO Efforts In 2019

If you have these strategies in place and you can’t measure, you wouldn’t know what to improve on. Do you know measuring SEO is easier than you think? You’ll find out as you read on. When it comes to SEO, measurement is very critical because it brings about success. SEO has a lot of activities attached to it. From Keyword research to backlink generation, SEO is broader than what you think but the measurement process is simple. Google Analytics tools will help you with your measurement.

Today’s post will show you in details on how to measure your efforts in 2019. Since the year is running out already, it’s better to have these points so you can do the measurement at the end of the year. Have a look at how to measure your SEO efforts in 2019.

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1. Overall Ranking

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The first step to measure your SEO efforts is by checking the overall ranking of your website. You can monitor the ranking level in search engine result pages (SERP). If you’re able to make it from whatever page you are to page one, then it means you’re doing something right. This means your website is growing. When you find out you’re not on page one, it means you have to work harder the following year/month. It’s still doesn’t mean your website isn’t growing. It’s not just as fast as you want.

Before you start the process of your research, you need to research and establish some set of keywords to rank for. If you pick the wrong keyword, you won’t get any result. So you have to be careful during the process. After getting these keywords, you can start your measuring.

2. Organic Search Traffic Volume

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One of the very important reasons for starting a website and an online business is to get traffic. If you want to acquire new customers, this is one KPI you should pay attention to. Organic search traffic refers to the number of website visits that was gotten from search engine results only. It shows the relevance of your website on search engines.  It reveals if you’re using the right keywords in your contents, pages and on your website.

When your traffic is low, it doesn’t automatically mean your organic traffic is low. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find out that it’s other sources of traffic that’s quite low. This, therefore, results in overall traffic decline.

How do you check it? You open your channel grouping, then your acquisition. You’ll find the tab for organic traffic, click it and you’ll see the number you have on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

3. Keyword Ranking

measure seo efforts 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

Keyword ranking is the measurement of a particular keyword’s ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Do you know what SERP is? SERP is the pages displayed on search engines as a result of someone’s search. This measurement determines the ability of the company to build its brand awareness. You’ll be exposed to the level of brand awareness you’ve been able to attain in the space of a week, month or year. If you find yourself on page one, you’re definitely doing a great job.

Working on your keyword ranking can help you improve how your website pulls organic traffic. This ranking should be checked regularly. The goal is to check any decline in traffic and the cause of the decline.

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4. Conversion Rate

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Conversion rate is the greatest component of a successful online business in digital marketing. This measures the number of visitors that were transformed into paying customers. It points out the quality of the traffic coming to the website. When you measure the conversion rate, you’ll see how you can improve your web design and make it optimized for conversion. This measurement shows if your digital marketing strategies are working or not.

5. Social Shares

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This is simply checking the traffic gotten from content shared on social media. It shows the number of people that had access to those contents. You’ll get to know the role social media plays in your SEO strategies and also the social media channels that works best with your brand. Observe the kind of posts that has more clicks and visitors engage more with.

6. Backlinks

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Monitoring the backlinks shows the number of websites that find your content relevant.  A backlink is an external link directed to your website from another website. The backlinks can also originate from someone else’s page. The backlink quantity and quality matters when measuring. You’ll also need to check the strength of your old and new backlinks. Tracking this will help you know where you stand with your competitors. When you see that your website ranks high with the backlinks, you’ll figure out what to improve on.

While tracking these backlinks, you’ll know how much work is needed to build more and stronger backlinks. Ensure you build backlinks that are relevant to your website, not just any backlink. Ensure you monitor these monitor you monitor backlinks weekly.

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7. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the number of times your visitor left your page without opening any page or checking any link. It’s important your bounce rate is at it’s lowest rate. If it’s high, the rank of your website reduces drastically. It affects customers experience on your website. Sometimes, a high bounce rate doesn’t mean your website is of low quality. It could mean that your website can be easily navigated or your website is difficult to navigate. It could also mean your website doesn’t have what they want at the time.

8. Loading Time


The loading time of your website also affects the traffic that comes to your website. It’s a major factor in search engines ranking. You need to monitor the loading time of your website so you’ll be able to track your traffic. It would also show you if you need to improve your loading time. Don’t overlook the loading time of your website. Slow loading time also affects your conversion rate. If you don’t want to reduce your conversion rate, monitor your loading time.

9. Pages Per Visit

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What everyone wants for their website is to engage people, you want to keep people on your pages. This tracking will show the pages that have more visitors. You would be able to focus on building that page and other pages you want your audience to visit. If each page on your website is independent of other pages, then low page visit is still okay. But if they are all connected, you need to work them all.

Tracking and monitoring SEO is very important to the growth of your website. If you don’t do this, how would you improve? Take this post seriously. Read through an apply them to your website. If you have been searching for how to measure your SEO efforts in 2019, you are in the right place.

If you intend to work on your SEO, we’re available to do that for you. Contact us by visiting our website, You’ll have good stories to tell after patronizing us.

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