Proactive Customer Service: The Secret To Great Sales

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Ever heard of proactive customer service? Several organizations get puzzled at the rate at which they lose customers on a daily basis. The number of customers and the kind of negative feedback received by lots of organization is alarming. The only way to overcome this challenge is to have a proactive customer service. It’s also one of the very effective ways to boost the confidence of your customer has in your brand.  Customer service isn’t new in the marketplace. Wondering how to retain old customers while getting new ones in the process? Panic no more, we got you covered!

Often times when a new person lands on your page, they need information on what your brand is all about. It’s your responsibility to provide that information promptly. Also, keep in mind that it has to be in the most simple way ever without ignoring any customer. In today’s market, the expectations of customers have skyrocketed and it’s your duty to meet each of them.

Proactive customer service doesn’t happen by chance, you have to put in efforts. Efforts that are fast and evident. For you to make profits, you have to retain your customers and get new ones. Proactive customer service is your key to unlock those great sales you’ve always wanted.

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What Is Proactive Customer Service?

This is simply solving a problem you observe a customer might encounter on your page before they do. Answering possible questions before they even ask. Being proactive with your customer encourages their loyalty to your brand. When you make the first move to help the customer before asking is your key to having the best customer service. Your customer service team has to be able to think ahead of the customers.

For your brand to stand out, you have to move from being providing reactive customer service to proactive customer service. This is bringing to an end the tradition of solving problems as they arise to solving them before they arise. This form of customer service monitors customers behaviour to the brand. It also helps customers have an exciting time on your page.

Why Is Proactive Customer Service Important To Your Brand?

Are you wondering why this form of customer service is important? We’re here to put an end to your curiosity. Below is the reason you should embrace this form of customer service in your organization/brand.

1. Boost Brand Awareness

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When your brand indulges this form of customer service, the feedback from customers is positive which lead to great reviews. We all now reviews promote brand awareness exceptionally. When customers leave your page smiling, you should expect them to be back for another service. When you’re able to retain old customers, they tend to refer your brand to potential customers. Create the right awareness for your brand by using this type of customer service.

2. Encourages Customer Loyalty

When your customer care team takes the initiative to solve problems for customers before they encounter them, your page will be like home to your customers. This tends to promote loyalty to your brand. They approach your brand with confidence in your services and products. It gives customers a good impression of your brand which leads to reviews and more sales. You want your customers to be loyal? Practise this type of customer service.

3. Determines Brand Appearance

Paying attention to your customer’s response will help you improve the appearance of your brand on the internet. On social media, it’s quite easy to sense the dissatisfaction of your customers to any feature on your page or your brand. If you pay close attention to their feedback, it would help you improve the outlook of your brand and on what improvement to implement on your product. All these can only happen when your customers experience this type of service when they approach your brand.

4. Improves Conversion And Ranking

Being proactive with your customer service can get your site an increased conversion and ranking. This is made possible because of the activities on your page gotten from prompt response, referrals and reviews on your page. More pages will be opened and customers tend to spend longer time will be spent on your page.

5. Promotes Customers Satisfaction

When you consistently meet your customer’s expectation, satisfaction is made possible. Your customers will always say good things about your brand and that automatically brings more customers. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Be proactive with services today so you can always smile to the bank.

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How Will My Brand Provide Proactive Customer Service?

Being educated about the importance of this form of customer service, you need to also be informed on how to carry out these services. Some important tips that will guide you through will be provided in this post. Have a look below!

1. Carry Out Detailed Research

The best way to know what your customers or target audience want is to simply ask them. For you provide this form of customer service effectively, you can’t afford to work on assumption. The first step to failure is thinking you know what your customer wants. You can get adequate information by sending some by sending people to the market with questionnaires that would be tailored to your product/service. You need to also what drives your target customers, it helps you to stay evergreen in their hearts.

Paying attention to their feedback is the next step to making this research/survey a success. You can use survey tools that would be beneficial for your work. Ensure you do not assume what your client wants.

2. Provide Them Different Channels For Communication

One of the very first/important steps to achieving this form of service is making you provide several channels your customer can reach you. It’s your job to make them feel heard at all times and creating several channels will pass that message to them. It also shows you’re always available to help them solve their problems. Ranging from chatbots to several social media platforms, SMS number and many more.

3. Pay Close Attention To Your Customer’s Conversations

This tip will take a lot of time and effort. It requires you monitoring wherever your brand is being mentioned and what’s being said about you. You need to pay close attention to what they’re saying so you can make changes that would attract customers to your brand. It also helps you know if your customers are complaining about your products/services. It would help take the immediate step to rectify every error or mistake that may tarnish the image of your company.

4. Pay Extra Attention To Customer’s With Good Feedbacks

The moment you need a customer left a positive review on your page or gives you good feedback, ensure you engage that customer. You can boost sales from that single customer. For you to offer this type of customer service, engage customers with great feedbacks often. You can offer them a discount on a particular product/service for good referrals.

5. Use Of LiveChat

It would be an unpleasant situation if customers come to your page for enquiries and they are unable to get a prompt response. That act doesn’t speak well for any brand. Live chat is a useful tool to keep your customers on your page. It shows your brand cares and is serious about their customers. It also creates engagement on your site. Tools like chatbots can be used to achieve this level of communication.

6. Timely Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are very effective is showing how proactive your customer service is. It can be annoying sometimes but it reminds your customers that you are available for any service they need at the time. You have to be in the face of your customers to show that you plant to stay not disappear after a short time. There are quite a number of the software used for this purpose. Install them on your website and you’ll be glad you did.

7. Notify Your Customers Of Some Important Dates

Notifying your customers of some important dates of the year shows you care about the things concern them. With respect to your industry, you can remind them of these dates weeks ahead of the day. Example of these days is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, International Girl Child Day and many more.

8. Monitor Your Customer’s Response On Social Media

Social media is the easiest place for customers to reach a brand or give feedbacks. Your brand needs to be active on social media in order to monitor and respond to a customer’s complaint or commendation. This helps to attract new customers. Social media is a vital tool when it comes to customers service and you can’t afford to neglect it.

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Moving from reactive customer service to the proactive one, take consistent and intense effort from the customer care team. They need to be educated and sensitized on how to carry out this point effortlessly. It’s not magic, it takes a gradual process before it impacts is noticed in a brand’s growth. Being proactive is quite tasking than being reactive so you have to practise this act more often. You’ll get used to this method with time.

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