Keywords Research Is The Key To Boosting Your Email Marketing Campaign…Here’s Why

keyword research for email marketing digitalmatrix lagos

Have you ever used keywords research to boost email marketing? It’s a stated fact that keyword is a vital aspect of digital marketing. It’s extremely important in having a successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click). If you want people to find your website easily on search engines, you have to take keywords seriously. The role of keywords cannot be overemphasized on social media as well. As it applies to all these digital marketing strategies, it also does with email marketing. When you want to start your email marketing campaign, you need to be conversant with the keywords needed. It differs per topic or industry, which means you have to do a lot of research.

The performance of every email marketing campaign depends on how well you can use keywords. The growth of your online business depends on the relevance of your website on search engines. Without the proper use of keywords and intense keyword research, that relevance won’t be attainable. Why is this? Search engines only recognize these keywords and rank your website based on those keywords used. When your website is lacking these keywords, you should know it would be hard to be relevant. This also applies to email marketing.

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Before we get into the details of using keyword research to boost your email marketing campaigns, let’s find out what keyword research is.

What Is Keywords Research?

keyword research for email marketing digitalmatrix lagos

Keyword research is a popular term in digital marketing because it’s a huge part of SEO. According to MOZ, Keyword research is a core SEO task that involves identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines -make in an attempt to figure out what to rank for. It’s simply the process of finding phrases that people use on search engines like Google when searching for a particular business, especially in your niche. This research gives you a better understanding of the demand for some keywords and how people search for the products/services you’re offering.

Keyword research helps you create contents that would drive more traffic because you’re writing what people are searching for and wants. You’re writing with a knowledge of what they want to read. Keyword research is not what you’ll just do once and forget about. When you started your website, you used keywords already. Build on those keywords while getting new ones that relate to the pre-existing ones. Keyword research drives every decision you make in digital marketing.

Types Of Keywords

You can’t talk about keyword research without talking about the types of keyword available. There are several types of keyword and they work differently. Below are the types of keywords available.

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1. Short-Tail Keywords

keyword research for email marketing digitalmatrix lagos

Short-tail keywords are the most common types of keywords. It is made up of three words or less. They can also be called the head keyword. Short-tail keywords have a high volume of search and highly competitive. Short-tail keywords are the first way people search for things on search engines. This type of keyword is all over the places which makes it less precise. You won’t get a high conversion with short-tail keywords.

2. Long-tail Keywords

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This type of keyword contains more than three words. they’re usually more specific than the short-tail keyword. They are less competitive because they do not have a high search volume. Long-tail keyword properly describes the content. When people use the long-tail keywords, it means they’re ready to purchase the products/services most times. You’re likely going to get low traffic with this type of keyword but you’re usually going to get a higher conversion rate than short-tail keyword.

3. Short-term Keywords

This type of keywords is all about what’s trending, it’s all about the hype. Just the latest movies, news, music and more. This type of keyword brings high search volume but it doesn’t last for long. It drives organic traffic when it’s still trending. You can use but not all the time. It helps you get new audiences.

4. Long-term Keywords

This has to do with evergreen keywords. The search volume is not stable, it fluctuates but it ‘s not low. The good thing about this type of keyword is that it will always drive traffic in the space of two years. Once you’re writing contents with evergreen keywords, you can update it every year. It attracts a consistent audience. The more you publish educative content, the more authoritative your website is.

You can use this knowledge when conducting your keyword research. Let’s move on to find out the importance of keyword research.

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Importance of Keywords Research

The ultimate goal of keyword research is to capture as many audiences as possible and convert them to prospective customers. With this in mind, the importance of keyword research can never be overemphasized in digital marketing. Here are some of the importance of keyword research you need to know.

1. Reveals Number Of Searches

Keyword research will reveal how often people us some words on search engines when searching for things within your industry. This helps you to know the words you should more on your website and social channels. If you pick the keywords that are not commonly used, your website will not rank high but if you pick the ones that are commonly used, then, your website will rank high. There are tools that can help you get these keywords and how well they are used.

2. Attracts Target Audience

Keyword research is more direct in attracting your targeted audience. The aim is to attract your target audience, not just everybody. Having this at the back of your mind, you’ll use keywords that are less general. You’ll use the ones that pertain solely to your business niche. This is because you want to attract people that will become customers. The tool used will show the general keywords and the specific keywords during your research. It’s left for you to pick the specific ones.

There are some free tools that can help you conduct thorough keyword research. Some of the tools are Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google Suggest, Bing Ads Keyword Planner and many more. When conducting keyword research, you should look out for products/services, landing page and category

How To Use Keywords Research to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns

email marketing digitalmatrix lagos

Just as SEO and PPC, you can’t use less popular keywords and expect your email to get recognized. Since keyword research gives you the opportunity to know what your audience wants, why don’t you put those keywords in your email? With this research, you’ll be able to segment your leads and your emails become more personal to them. The difference between before and now is that you already know what they want. Optimize the subjects and body with the keywords gotten from the research conducted. This will bring about an increased conversion rate.

With this knowledge, you must be asking how to use keyword research to boost your email marketing campaign. Today’s post will show you how to achieve that in a short space of time. Follow through the points and apply them accordingly to your next email marketing campaign.

1. Identify And Use Trending Topics

Since you already have the keyword research tools, the first step is finding the trending topics. The trending topics will influence your email marketing campaign. Using highly competitive keywords will affect your rank on search engines but the fact that your customer wants it, you should use it. It makes your email more relevant to them.

Keyword search volume shows the interest of your audience. The higher the volume of that particular keyword, the higher the interest. This simply means that the topic is of interest to your customers. While searching for a particular keyword, you can get other keywords that are also relevant.

2. Create Mindblowing Subject Lines

The first impression you can make with email marketing is your subject line. It’s the fundamental aspect of the success of your email marketing campaign. No one has all the time in the world to read all the emails. You can also attract them with your headlines. How will this be possible? By including keywords in your subject headings as well as making it catchy altogether. Keyword research will help you create irresistible headlines that will draw the attention of your audience.

When your research is done, you’ll find out what they want to know and you’ll use that as your headline when creating this mail. It would make them feel you identified their problems and you brought the solution to them. This builds trust and promotes your business simultaneously. Ensure you consider keyword research before you pick a subject title for your emails.

email marketing digitalmatrix lagos

3. Promote Values With Your Contents

One of the greatest challenges of email marketers is increasing the number of subscribers. Getting new subscribers requires that you should improve the contents you dish out. The only way to keep your audience is to give them something of value. In the process of creating these contents, you need to conduct keyword research. This keyword research will help you get the topics your audience will like to read and what interests them.

The research conducted will determine the direction of your contents. If you have informative blog posts on your website, why not convert to emails you’ll share with your audience. Use keyword research tools to search for phrases that are commonly used and are also relevant to the content.  This is one of the best opportunity to put your emails in the faces of people that are yet to subscribe.

Keywords research is not only about SEO, but it also applies to email marketing. When you understand keyword research, you’ll be able to use it to create mindblowing email newsletters that are relevant to your audience and search engines. All you need to do is follow these strategies and apply them to your emails and contents.

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