Content Marketing: Write What Interests Your Readers

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Do you know content marketing doesn’t just stop at writing what you like? As much as every business person is aware of the tremendous power that content in its different forms wields in a world that is increasingly competitive, it is a pity that not everyone has been able to utilize it properly. While this may be due to various reasons, one of the top reasons is because people do not write what their audience wants to read.

You also think it doesn’t matter what you write, huh? You are wrong, what you write matters. It is the factor that will determine if you will get any readership at all. If you do not write what people want to read, you are at risk of running a content strategy that won’t work at all.

How then do you write what will interest your readers? This should be the question on the mind of any agency or business that intends to convert customers through its content marketing strategies. While this is not an easy task, an agency that is serious about its strategy will take time to understand its audience.

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Here are the ninja steps that can help you achieve that.

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Gather data

You can never write what will interest your readers if you don’t know who your readers or clients are. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are or for how long you have been strategizing for firms or brands. The first step is therefore to gather data about your present and prospective readers. There are several ways you can get this done, you might also outsource the data gathering.   

Create A Persona

Once you have your data, you will have to analyze the data and create the ideal persona of your audience. While the human element may change from time to time based on emotion and several other pointers, you will definitely have a starting point. With your persona in place, you can begin to curate your topic and your style of writing.

Write From Their Angle

With your topic and persona in place, you can write from your reader’s angle. This is no mean feat, you will have to get into their mindset and write what they would love to read. Everyone loves to learn new things, that is a starting point for you. You will need to ask critical questions like “what will this particular persona love to read?” For example, a top business executive will definitely be versed in the decision-making process. As such, it would be a waste of time to write about the topic when your primary audience is top business executives. You have to write about what they will be willing to learn from.


There is no way you will be able to write what will interest your readers if you rely on your residual knowledge and you do not conduct research. To appeal to a wide range of audience, you must be knowledgeable about a wide range of topics.

Writing what your audience wants to read can be very rewarding for your audience. You should strive for it.