Local Search: Why does it matter

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Local search: why does it matter

In today’s world, it is expected that a business should have an online presence. The good news is, having an online presence places business on the same leverage and gives the same opportunity to all and sundry. The bad part is overpopulation; there are thousands of businesses today on the internet that belongs to the same industry or sphere of operation.

As a consumer or client, this means more choice in the same place which is good, right? For a business, it implies that you have to do more to be top of mind to your customers.  This is where local search comes in, exactly why does it matter to you as a business owner or manager?


The first reason why local search should matter to you and to your business is due to the issue of relevance. Local search is quite different from Search Engine Optimization as it utilizes geographical location rather than some ranking. SEO is not going to come through for you when it comes to this, this is why you have to work on your local search as well.

More patronage

At the very top of the search list for a typical local search, there are two types of listing just below the map; paid advertisement and the local pack. A lot of customers do not bother to scroll down, they typically do business with the organizations listed. Getting on the local pack increases your chances of converting prospects. All of your strategies must lead to more sales which will transmit into better profit, right?

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Staying top of mind

We are in a business environment where your customers are the king. They want what they want and they want it now, the way to ensure that you stay top of mind is by enhancing your local search. This is where the disparity between local search optimization and search engine optimization might mean a lot for your business. The result you will get will definitely influence the decision of who you will contact to get your shower fixed.

Get yourself native customers

From the shower scenario, since the people who would be searching for your business or services are people who are concerned about geographical location, it might also be of some help to you. If you run a business that requires a brick and mortar approach or a business that cannot be conducted virtually, that means you can position yourself to serve more local clients.

Beyond Search Engine Optimization, you should pay careful attention to ensuring that your local search is also on par.



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