7 Mistakes That Affect PPC Marketing Campaigns

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Have you thought of the mistakes that affect PPC marketing campaigns? Building a brand is very paramount to every business, whether small or big. Branding helps you stand out amongst your competitions and brings out the uniqueness about your products/services. When you’re planning of promoting your business, several options will come to you. One of the ways you can build your brand is through PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing. You must have stumbled on this phrase if you use digital marketing to promote your business. If you haven’t started using PPC marketing for your business, then you’re missing out on a lot. It’s one of the fastest ways you can use to promote your products/services.

Some business owners have been investing in PPC marketing but it seems not to be yielding the expected result. This should tell you something is definitely wrong somewhere. In one of our blogs, we told you how to use PPC marketing for your brand awareness. If you read that post, you’ll see how PPC marketing works. It’s natural to make mistakes but what’s important is learning from your mistakes. Well, we’re to help you with that. Today’s post will show you the issues and mistakes you’re making with your PPC marketing campaigns.

First, you need to know what PPC marketing is and how it works.

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What Is PPC Marketing?

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Pay-Per-Click marketing is the process of generating clicks to your website with the aid of search engines. In PPC marketing, the clicks are not gotten organically. Have you come across sponsored ads at the top of Google’s search result pages? Those are PPC adverts. Some of the most popular PPCs are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Quora Ads, YouTube Ads and many more. There are several ways digital marketers can use PPC marketing.

The moment the ad is displayed and it gets clicked, it would send the visitor to your website. Then, you’ll pay the search engine a small fee. The number of clicks will increase the traffic on your website and your rank automatically increases. This also boosts your brand awareness. PPC would also help you generate leads and drive conversion which is a plus for you. The goal of any PPC marketing is to minimize the money spent on ads while increasing the result.

Benefits Of PPC Marketing

ppc marketing and brand awareness digitalmatrix lagos

PPC marketing is a great tool for brand awareness. Aside from the fact that it generates clicks for your page, there are other amazing benefits of this tool. If you haven’t started using PPC, it’s not too late. You can start today. Below are some of the benefits you stand to get when you use PPC marketing for your business.

1. It Drives Immediate Results

One good thing about this style of marketing is that it gives you immediate results for your efforts. This is what differentiates it from SEO. When you launch a PPC campaign, expect to see your result in few minutes but SEO takes days or months. If you want a fast result, go for PPC marketing.

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2. Measure And Track Data

When you launch a PPC campaign, this platform gives you the ability to measure and track the data. When you want to track your profits, clicks, visits, views or even costs, you can do that with PPC marketing. You can have access to all the data and information you need by using a PPC reports and analytics tool.

ppc marketing and brand awareness digitalmatrix lagos

3. Increases Visibility

With PPC marketing, your business can gain quite a large amount of exposure on search engines and other platforms. It can increase your visibility nationally and internationally.  While increasing your visibility, leads are also been generated in the process. When the visibility increases, reach becomes easier.

4. Drives Quality And Website Traffic

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Do you know traffic on search engines are the best? This is because people are searching for a problem and they find you, which means you have the solution to their problem. Search engine traffic promotes your products and services. This kind of traffic is what PPC marketing will get you. You see why you need to invest in this kind of marketing. People will learn about your products/services daily.

It would also boost your website traffic significantly by driving thousands of clicks to your website. Guess what? The people clicking on those ads are the ones genuinely interested in your brand/products/services.

5. Affordable

Unlike other forms of marketing, PPC marketing is quite affordable for most businesses. This is why small scale business goes for it. It’s not as expensive as other forms of marketing so your budget can fund it. Since you’re targeting a niche, your budget will do the job. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and launch that PPC campaign today.

6. Reach Your Target Customers

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For this marketing strategy, you’re in full control of the kind of keywords you want your website to rank for. It’s a very flexible strategy that gives you the opportunity to pick your target audience. Which further means, your products/services will reach the audience. Isn’t that interesting? PPC marketing is perfect for small scale businesses that want to target a particular niche.

Mistakes That Affects PPC Marketing Campaigns

PPC marketing is one of the best ways to boost your brand awareness. It would give you the chance to expose and promote your business.  But if you’re not going about it the right way, your campaigns won’t yield good results. It’s important to avoid these mistakes so you don’t keep repeating. From the quality of your websites to other important factors, you need to watch out for issues before launching a campaign. Ensure you take note of the mistakes and issues that would be mentioned in this post. When you know them, seeing the results of your PPC marketing campaigns wouldn’t be an issue.

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1. Not Having A Clear Goal

For anything marketing to survive, there has to be a set goal and the same applies to PPC marketing. Without a clear and defined goal, your PPC marketing campaign won’t yield results. Understanding your target market is the first step to having clear goals. If you don’t know your target audience, how will you know what you want your PPC marketing campaign to do? For your PPC marketing campaigns to survive, you must know your target audience and set your goals in relations to them.

2. Wrong Targets

Most companies are more aware of their customers than others. You need to know and understand your target audience. This would help your PPC marketing campaigns be more specific. When you understand your target audience, their behaviour and motivations, your campaign message will be clearer. If you keep targetting the wrong set of people, your campaign will be useless. Target people who are genuinely interested in your products/services, your frequent visitors and people that would need what you’re selling.

3. No Time Limit For Campaign

You can’t launch a campaign that doesn’t have an end and expect to have results. It’s easier to get results when your campaigns have a time limit. Your campaign becomes more measurable. If it’s short-term you can also change the message and contents of your ads. If you can’t do this, your PPC marketing campaign would not be able to yield any positive result.

4. Using Too Many Keywords

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When you use too many keywords in your campaign, the relevance of the ad automatically reduces. Stop using too many keywords. Fewer keywords generate more clicks than too many keywords. When you’re using these keywords, ensure they high-performing ones. High-performing keywords are the keywords people often use when people are searching for what you sell. Also, ensure that those keywords align properly with your business and brand.

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5.Ignoring Mobile Search

Since mobile devices have become more popular and widely acceptable, optimizing your marketing strategy is the best thing you can do to your business. You cannot afford to neglect mobile searches. If your PPC marketing campaigns don’t work on mobile devices, your results will be extremely low. You need to provide both mobile and desktop ads so you can be on the advantage. Do not make the mistake of ignoring mobile searches. Ignoring it will be very bad for your business.

6. Using ‘bid only’ Target Settings

When you’re about to launch your campaign, ensure you’re careful when choosing the target settings. If you pick ‘bid only’ option, you’re instructing your search engines to target the users who are already your audience. This is inadequate for the kind of results you need. Ensure you pick the option of ‘target and bid’ instead of ‘bid only’. This way it would instruct search engines to target the users who are already your audience in addition to the audience that Google is already targeting.

7. Not Including Product Images/Videos

Advert without images would not yield any good results. How would you make advert without showing them what you sell? Many brands tend to make the mistake of excluding images or videos of the products/services they’re advertising. Ensure you include images or videos of your products/services. You’ll experience a significant change in your business. Remarketing with the use of images and videos would get you more customers.

With all these points, we expect you not to make a mistake when launching your PPC marketing campaign. The goal is to increase and improve the results you get from your PPC marketing campaigns. Guess what’s better? We offer PPC marketing at an affordable price, all you need to do is contact us by visiting our website,  www.digitalmatrixagency.com.

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