Expand Your Business With These 6 PPC Marketing Strategies

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Ever heard about the PPC marketing strategies you should follow in 2019? When it comes to digital marketing, you need to be strategic with the way you promote your brands/products/services. The strategies you put in place determines the outcome of the efforts you put in. This simple principle also applies to PPC (Pay Per Marketing) marketing. For you to have a successful PPC marketing campaign, you need to put some strategies in place. These strategies will make your campaign journey a smooth ride and give you the desired result. You already PPC marketing will help you build your brand in one the fastest way possible. So, there’s no reason for you to turn down this type of marketing.

If you haven’t started using PPC marketing for your business, then you’re missing out on a lot. When next you’re planning for a product/service promotion, consider using PPC marketing. Some business owners have been investing in PPC marketing but it looks like you’re getting nothing out of it. Do not worry, you’re at the right place, where you’ll be enlightened. If you’re also in the group of business owners who have only heard about PPC marketing but don’t know how to go about it. This article is also going to help you throw some lights on what you need to do.

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First, let’s introduce you to PPC marketing.

What Is PPC Marketing?

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Pay-Per-Click marketing is the process of generating clicks to your website with the aid of search engines. In PPC marketing, the clicks are not gotten organically. Have you come across sponsored ads at the top of Google’s search result pages? Those are PPC adverts. Some of the most popular PPCs are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Quora Ads, YouTube Ads and many more. PPC marketing is the fastest and most effective ways of driving traffic, increasing conversion and sales in a short period of time.

Here’s how PPC marketing works. The moment an ad is displayed and it gets clicked, it would send the visitor to your website. Then, you’ll pay the search engine a small fee. The number of clicks will increase the traffic on your website and your rank automatically increases. This also boosts your brand awareness. Before you know it, you have started rubbing shoulders with bigger brands in terms of awareness. The high awareness brings about more traffic and sales.

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Benefits Of PPC Marketing

If you have a business or you’re into e-commerce and you don’t know about the benefits you stand to enjoy with PPC marketing, this article would be incomplete. Aside from the fact that it generates clicks for your page, there are other amazing benefits of this tool. If you haven’t started using PPC, it’s not too late.  You can start after reading this post. Here are the benefits of PPC marketing.

1. Increases Online Visibility

With PPC marketing, your business can gain quite a large amount of exposure on search engines and other platforms. It can increase your visibility nationally and internationally.  While increasing your visibility, leads are also been generated in the process. When the visibility increases, reach becomes easier.

2. It Drives Immediate Results

One good thing about this style of marketing is that it gives you immediate results for your efforts. This is what differentiates it from SEO. When you launch a PPC campaign, expect to see your result in few minutes but SEO takes days or months. If you want a fast result, go for PPC marketing.

3. Drives Quality And Website Traffic

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Do you know traffic on search engines are the best? This is because people are searching for a problem and they find you, which means you have the solution to their problem. Search engine traffic promotes your products and services. This kind of traffic is what PPC marketing will get you. You see why you need to invest in this kind of marketing. People will learn about your products/services daily.

It would also boost your website traffic significantly by driving thousands of clicks to your website. Guess what? The people clicking on those ads are the ones genuinely interested in your brand/products/services.

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4. Reach Your Target Customers

For this marketing strategy, you’re in full control of the kind of keywords you want your website to rank for. It’s a very flexible strategy that gives you the opportunity to pick your target audience. Which further means, your products/services will reach the audience. Isn’t that interesting? PPC marketing is perfect for small scale businesses that want to target a particular niche.

5. Ability To Measure And Track Data

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When you launch a PPC campaign, this platform gives you the ability to measure and track the data. If you want to track your profits, clicks, visits, views or even costs, you can do that with PPC marketing. You can have access to all the data and information you need by using a PPC reports and analytics tool. When you do this, you’ll be able to tell if you’re doing something wrong and if you’re audience like a particular content.

6. Affordable

Unlike other forms of marketing, PPC marketing is quite affordable for most businesses. This is why small scale business goes for it. It gives you total control over your marketing budget. It’s not as expensive as other forms of marketing so your budget can fund it. Since you’re targeting a niche, your budget will do the job. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and launch that PPC campaign today.

PPC Marketing Strategies To Follow In 2019

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As it was said earlier that PPC marketing will give you the chance to expand and promote your business.  But if you’re not going about it the right way, your campaigns won’t yield good results. Without the right strategies put in place, this type of marketing may not necessarily influence your business. Well, we’re to sort that out. The year is not over and it’s not too late start. Today’s post will show the PPC marketing strategies you need to follow in 2019. Have a look at them.

1. Remarket With Your Long-tail Keywords

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The secret to reaching more people online is remarketing. This is because repeated/consistent customers provide more values to your business. It increases your conversion rate evidently because existing customers are already familiar with your brand. So you remarket to the existing ones with long-tail keywords. Remember, these keywords have to be related and mostly used in your industry.

All you need to do is to track the long-tail keyword queries in every remarketing platforms. Do this by creating a list of retargeting users per ad group’s subject with UTM parameters. UTM parameters are simply tags you add to a URL when your link is clicked. You can also use links that look like the UTM parameters. It would give you the same customers and also remarket to new people simultaneously.

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2. Focus On Promoting Your Products/Services

If your business is involved in selling more than one products/services, you need to be strategic about running a PPC campaign. The way to go about this is by starting small. The best thing you can do in this situation is to first run your ad on the primary product/service amongst others. It would save you a lot of cash especially if it’s a small scale business. When you start slow, you’ll be able to concentrate on that particular ad. That’s how to have a great PPC result.

3. Turn Off Your Audience Network

Since you have decided to promote your products/services, you have to build a defence mechanism for your ads. How will you achieve this? By turning off your audience network on your Facebook Ads. This will help you eradicate about 90% of click frauds from sketchy websites. You’ll see them on Facebook and Google AdWords. It takes time to completely remove those websites from your reports when they get into it. They are very common on Facebook.

ppc marketing and brand awareness digitalmatrix lagos

4. Use Videos For Your Advert Campaign

Including videos in your ad doesn’t only improve your social media engagements, it also increases the placement of that ad on search engines. Video ads are quick and easy to attract a wider audience than just images. This is because people connect more to videos. The videos do not have to be so long. A one or two minute video will do the job. Ensure you target those ads on your social media platforms. The video could be about your products/services or introducing your brand. This is one of the PPC marketing strategies to follow in 2019.

5. Optimize For Voice Search

The use of voice search keeps increasing day by day. If you haven’t started optimizing your website to voice search, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. Voice search is the new way of searching on search engines. Optimizing your ad for voice will get you a more desirable result. The queries from voice search are totally different from other searches.

6. Avoid Disregarding Negative Keywords

When you launch a PPC ad., you should expect to see negative keywords. Negative keywords are irrelevant keywords that show up in the queries. It’s advisable to acknowledge those keywords. The negative keywords have a way of boosting the ROI of the ad campaign you’re running. Using these keywords keeps unnecessary visitors away and helps to bring only quality traffic to your website.

PPC marketing is one of the strongest and effective marketing strategy out there. If you implement the PPC marketing strategies in 2019 provided above. You’ll experience a smooth ride and positive results anytime you invest in PPC marketing. All the points listed above are quite technical. This is why you need us.

At DigitalMatrix Agency, we’re proficient at providing PPC marketing services to your business at an affordable price. You do not need to break a bank before your business starts experiencing the benefits of PPC marketing. All you need to do is contact us by visiting our website,  www.digitalmatrixagency.com.

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