Say Goodbye To Low Website Rankings With These 7 Effective SEO Hacks

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Do you know you need SEO hacks as a business owner? The importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in building a brand cannot be overemphasized. Since the marketing world is quite competitive, you need great SEO. The ability of your business to get to the first page on search engines is solely dependent on SEO. Who doesn’t want to build their brand online? The success of every online business is gotten through digital marketing. SEO is a core part of digital marketing. There are billions of searches on search engines daily,  a good SEO will get your brand the recognition you desire. No SEO, no ranking!

For your business to thrive online, your SEO game has to be great. Most business owners spend quite a lot on optimizing their website, webpages and social media platforms. Being relevant online is the best place for your brand/business. So many brands are using SEO as a means to boost their awareness. SEO helps you attract customers without having to spend a dime on advertising. If the competition in your industry is tight, you need SEO like you need air. It would help distinguish your brand. Want your brand to stand out? Focus on SEO!

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Some small scale/ start-up businesses do not have the luxury of hiring a digital marketing company to help optimize their website. Mostly because they’re just starting up or they don’t have that level of finance yet. If you’re in such category, we’re here to rescue your business from falling apart. We’ll be providing some SEO hacks you need to boost the ranks of your business on search engines.

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What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

The word SEO is a household name in digital marketing. You must have been coming across the acronym SEO in previous paragraphs, we’re about to put an end to the curiosity. Then, what is SEO?  SEO is simply making your website/page relevant online by making it rank high through traffic and search engine results. SEO works with search engines like Google when it comes ranking your page which means your page is easily accessible on Google and other search engines. It simply makes people find your business easily on search engines.

SEO is important because it massively improves the visibility and usability of your website. Your brand/business sure has a targeted audience or customer, SEO helps them find your business/brand without hassle. This ends up improving your sales and brand awareness. It also makes the effort you put into building your business fruitful.

SEO Hacks Every Business Owner Needs To Know

SEO is becoming lucrative in today’s market, you can’t afford to neglect it. Digital marketing agencies are making cool cash from helping brands with it. For smallscale business owners and start-up business folks, you need to spend wisely and SEO consumes quite an amount. Just because we put you into consideration, we made this post specifically for you guys. Do you know you can still find your ways around SEO without spending a huge amount of money? Yes, there is.

Today’s post will show you some hacks that would require less amount and still fulfill the purpose of SEO. Mind you, SEO hacks need consistency for them to work. We believe you’re committed to being consistent. Here are some of the SEO hacks you can jump on as soon as possible.

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1. Utilize Free SEO Tools

seo hacks digitalmatrix lagos

When there are free tools online, why pay? Due to the fact that you’re just starting out and you want to save every available cash, you need to utilize free SEO tools. There are several free SEO tools on the internet that would still make your website rank on search engines. Learning how to use them is also important, which you would find on the internet. We’ll be providing some of the tools you can try out that are quite effective.

Some of the common ones are Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tool, Google Search Console, SEMRush and more. Google Analytics helps you to monitor the traffic on your website, the pages that are most visited and queries on your website. You’ll also get to see the performance of your landing page and the response your contents has on search engines. You should start using this hack today. Google Webmaster tool, on the other hand, will show you how far your ads went, your page speed and structured data testing.

Find out how the other tools can help you and start using them as soon as possible.

2. Distribute Your Home Page Link Authority To Your Most Important Webpages

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Do you know your homepage attracts more link than the other pages on your website? Yes, it does. A crucial part of an effective SEO strategy is directing the links on the homepage to other important pages on a website. You should ensure this is done on your website. Pay very close attention to this hack. Ensure you put the links on the pages you want to rank the most on your website.

If you have products page, include the link in that page. It helps people find those pages easily without necessarily getting to your homepage. This hack is often neglected by most people that own online business. If you can get a hang on this hack, you would be making lots of sales sooner than you expect.

3. Reduce The Size Of Your Images

We know huge images looks good on a page but it has a lot of effect on the loading of a website. When a page takes time to load, it affects the ranking and bounce rate of the website. Most people like to use huge images but they don’t know its not good for SEO. For a good SEO practice, you need to learn to resize your images. Heavy images affect your customer’s experience on your page/website. This would end up affecting the rankings and conversion rate which is bad for sales and awareness. This is a quick hack you need to take note of.

4. Use Valuable Keywords Before Competitors

seo hacks digitalmatrix lagos

The moment you notice a keyword trend in your industry especially on social media, do not hesitate to use it before your competitor gets a hang of it. You need to be up to speed with the latest keywords, its another major hack you need to monitor. Using these keywords will not only make you rank, but it would also put your brand in a position of authority. Ensure you always look out for major keywords, use them as frequent as possible.

There are several tools you can also use to get Keywords in your industry. Tools like Google Keyword Planner, AdWords, Word Trackers and many more. You would surely rank high with the right keyword in place.

5. Encourage Comments

Most times your customers or audience would always want to drop their opinions about your posts or products/services. Do not hesitate to give a reply. When you encourage comments, it allows engagement on your page. The more the engagement, the higher the traffic. When there’s high traffic, the rank of your website increases. You can encourage their comments by liking them, replying them and also sharing them. Your audience feels heard and important every time you do this. This is a very simple hack most business owner neglect.

In the process of replying to some of the comments, you could refer them to your old post or your website. Stay woke by encouraging comments and your SEO game will be on fire.

6. Start Your Blog Post With Long-tail Keywords

seo hacks digitalmatrix lagos

We all know blogging helps SEO in a great way. It gets better when you start to use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords help your blog to rank higher because of the way people search on search engines. Most people search in the form of a statement or question. If you don’t have these keywords in your blog post, it would be hard to land on your page. You need to find your way around keywords.

When you use the long-tail keyword in your blog post, you can make it a header. It helps your blog post rank high. To get good keywords, you can use keyword research tools on the internet. Tools like Google Search Console will do a great job. You can also rework those phrases into your blog post or use them as a topic. Modify your contents in a way that those long-tail keywords will fit into it perfectly. Ensure you there’s a good flow in the tone of your blog while using those long-tail keywords.  One hack you should use more often is the long-tail keyword.

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7. Use Reviews And Case Studies Often

For you to prove that a product/service is worth all the hype you give it, you need to display reviews. Your business/brand needs to be believable and this can only work with reviews and case studies. They need some other people testifying that the brand is valid and all it talks about. Reviews and case studies go a long way in convincing your prospective customers to become your paying customers. It also allows engagements which increase the rank of your page on search engines.

What are you waiting for? Starting posting reviews and case studies on your website and page. Make sure those reviews are properly displayed on your pages. This is an important SEO hack you shouldn’t neglect. Start today and you’ll be glad you did.

Paying close attention to these SEO hacks provided above needs a commitment as I said earlier. You don’t need an exorbitant amount of money to implements these hacks. Why don’t you start today and experience a positive change in your website rank? It would be great for your business/brand.

DigitalMatrix Agency also offers SEO services. You can contact us by heading to our website, We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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