7 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Will Expand Your Business

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Have you started using social media marketing strategies on your social media pages? As you already know that social media is a place you can showcase your business to a large number of people. With the level of competition out there today, you need to use the digital marketing strategy available. Social media marketing is one of the marketing strategies that would take your business to the next level. If you want to break grounds in your industry, you need to do more.  When you apply these strategies, your business will get more relevant and your customer base will increase. Many business owners think posting daily on social media is all it takes to makes sales. This is not true! You have to go the extra mile to get that level of sales that you want in your business.

Social media is getting even bigger than search engines. There are over 3 billion active users on social media on the internet. This, therefore, shows you that social media is a fertile ground that can help make your business/brand grow rapidly. What makes this so is because mobile devices are more popular and affordable. Almost everyone is on one social media platform or the other. This is while the social media community is increasing by the day. Don’t you think you should also use this platform to increase your brand awareness and get more customers? It’s better to start now.

Before we proceed you need to know what social media marketing is and the benefits of this digital marketing strategy.

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

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According to Search Engine Land, Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. It’s simply a form online/content marketing that involves creating and sharing contents across all social media platforms in a bid to market a brand/product/service to desired consumers. It aims at attaining the market and brand goals which is awareness and profit. Social media marketing ensures the active presence of a brand which makes it hard for your brand to be forgotten.

But if you don’t know your way around social media, how will it benefit your business? This is a question you need to ponder on. You need to educate yourself on the strategies. Social media marketing strategies are the planned out steps put in place to build your brand awareness, improve your social media following and get more customers. In the process of creating these social media strategies, you need to set some goals and also get the desired results.

Have you thought of the benefits of social media marketing? Read them below.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

social mediamarketing strategies 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

Every business owner must know about social media marketing in order to survive in the digital marketing world. If you don’t know the benefits of social media marketing, you won’t know how it would impact your business.

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1. Increased Brand Awareness

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One of the most important goals of every business owner is for people to recognise your brand easily. Social media marketing will give your brand the recognition and awareness it needs to stand out in the market. Since you’ll be engaging with a large number of people, your post will visible to them all. Also when you use the right keywords, your brand will get recognized and relevant on search engines. You can’t afford to leave social media marketing out of your digital marketing strategies. First, you need to create social media accounts on different platforms. Then you build your profile with the right keyword.

2. Improved Customer Service

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The impression you leave on your audience help them make a decision of becoming your paying customer. This is why your customer service operations matter a lot. Social media marketing will help you improve your customer service. Customers love it when you can relate to them and provide solutions to their needs. When you acknowledge every comment and respond to those comments, your customers feel important. Once customers know they can get their problem solved on your page, they’ll always prefer your products/services.

3. Increase Conversion Rates

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Social media marketing makes your brand look more human to your audience because they can relate to it. The more your brand increases its visibility, the higher your conversion rate. This means more customers for you. Every of your blog posts in the form of photos or videos will lead more people to your website through your social media channels. When a brand is interactive online, customers increase their trust in you.

4. Improves Brand Loyalty

Developing your customer base is very important for sales and business growth. You need to develop a bond with your customers and social media marketing will you achieve that. By posting regularly on social media and interacting with your customers, your customers will be loyal to your brand. Due to the interactions you have with your customers, they’ll prefer your brand more. Research has shown that this segment of customers is 62% more loyal to brands that directly engage with them on social media.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Businesses

social mediamarketing strategies 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

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For your online business to flourish, you need to implement some social media strategies. For you to stay competitive in the online market, you need to improve and adjust your strategies. Each of these will play a big role in building and expanding your business. Here are the social media marketing strategies you need for your business to grow and expand.

1. Live Videos

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Live videos are one of the best strategies you can use to grow your social media platforms.  Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, ensure you start using live videos. Live videos are one of the tools you can use to market your brand/product/service. You already know video is one of the ways you can keep your audience on your social media pages. Live videos allow you to interact with your audience in real-time.

Real-time communication boosts customer’s loyalty to your business. It also improves the authenticity of your brand. When your brand is authentic, your customer base will expand. This will also lead to sales. Start engaging in live videos today and you’ll experience a great change in your sales.

2. Creating Diversified Contents

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Having a stereotype content on your social media pages will not make your social media marketing impactful. This is why you need to be more creative with your contents. Diversify the contents you put out on your social media platforms. When you post photos today, videos can work the following days. Just ensure you diversify your contents.  Producing the same contents can be boring for your audiences. This can reduce your followers too. So you need to be creative with your contents.

3. Personalized Messages

The best way to make your social media marketing more strategic is to start sending personal messages to your audience. It would help you relate with your customers on a personal level. Send personal DMs that promotes your brand to them. People like being able to connect with the brands they patronise. This personal messages will make them feel important and show that you have their interests at heart. Advertise your products/services through their personalized messages.

4. Videos

Video content is an effective marketing tool. Videos are more interactive and it connects better with your audience. This is why it should be included in your social media marketing strategies. Videos drive more traffic and you shouldn’t hesitate to use it on your social media platforms. Since more videos bring traffic to your page, you shouldn’t hesitate to use it. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are some of the best social media platforms you can use to drive video contents.

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social mediamarketing strategies 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

5. Influencer Marketing

You must have heard of brand influencers. This is one of the latest social media marketing strategies that has become popular in today’s market. Big brands use it to promote their brand. Brand/Social media influencers are paid huge amount of money to represent a particular brand. Influencers are skilled in creating contents that would get the engagements you need for your page. These influencers will promote your brand. How? Due to the high number of followers they have. Their influence will help them get customers. These influencers are selected based on the target audience the brand aims to reach.

There are some micro-influencers who do not have as many followers as celebrities. Small brands can use them to advertise their products/services. Most brands tap into these influence these people have over people. Try as much as possible to use them for your brands.

6. Voice Search

In this digital age, voice search has become of the most important strategy every business owner need to take note of. It’s now possible for people to find things on search engines easily. Not everyone has the patience of typing on their search engines so they use their voice instead. You need to optimize your social media pages to voice search. How will you do this? By using the right keywords on the contents you put out. Also by optimizing your social profiles. These keywords will allow the search engines to find your pages when people use the voice search.

7. Online Reviews

One very effective strategies that would help promote your business without many efforts is reviews. When you encourage your customers to drop their reviews on your social media pages, your brand gets promoted. People need a vote of confidence to patronize any brand.  The vote of confidence can be gotten through reviews. Reviews are the ratings people give your products/services. Ensure you encourage your customers to post reviews regularly. You can also post these reviews on your stories.

Implementing these strategies in your business is more important than just reading them. You need to draw out a plan on how to apply them to your social channels from today. You’ll notice a positive change when you apply these strategies. Start today! Although, it takes a lot of effort and expertise to apply these strategies. That’s where we (DigitalMatrix Agency) come into the picture. You can trust with the responsibilities of taking your social media channels to another level.

All you need to do is contact us by visiting our website, www.digitalmatrixagency.com and subscribe to our services. What are you waiting for? Take that step now!

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