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Every business owner wants the right awareness for their brand and social media marketing seems to be the best bet with the level of growth and result noticed over the last few years. To say social media is the largest community is an understatement, it’s where you find everyone from all works of life. Social media is constantly evolving with new ideas and trends every year. If you’re searching for ways on how to create the level of awareness you desire for your business/product/brand, social media marketing is your next investment spot.

Since mobile phones and data are more affordable, social media community is becoming larger by day. Today, social media creates the best engagements your business can ever get.

Of all the digital channels available, social media is the most aggressive when it comes to pushing out new trends or features. It accepts trends easily. As social media evolves, every digital marketer or business owner needs to keep up with the trend in order to relevant in today’s market. You need to be updated with these trends and how to apply them to your digital marketing strategy. If you’re lost on what these trends are and how to apply them, we got you covered.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is simply a form online/content marketing that involves creating and sharing contents across all social media platforms in a bid to market a brand/product/service to desired consumers. It aims at attaining the market and brand goals which is awareness and profit. Social media marketing ensures the active presence of a brand which makes it hard for your brand to be forgotten.

There have been changes in the social media marketing trends and it’s expedient that you’re not just aware of them but you can also use them to market your business/brand/products. For you to succeed in digital marketing your business/brand/product, you need to understand the times and trends. This post will show you the latest social media marketing trends you need for your business and how to apply them.

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Below are 5 social media marketing trends.

1. Consistent Engagement

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With the new developments that come with the upgrade on several social media platforms, brands that can create more engaging contents will surely thrive. The higher the activity on social media, the more the engagement on social media. Engagement can only happen when you have appealing, interesting and engaging contents for your audience to see. You have to make an effort to put out engaging posts.

2. Social Media Monitoring

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This can also be called social listening. It’s the act of monitoring several social media platforms to know where your brand/product is being mentioned. This includes every mention on social media search, blog,  websites and many more. Due to the fact that people will always review or criticize products, you can use social media monitoring to your advantages in this view. The more the mentions of your business/brand/product, the more traffic you have on your social media platforms. You can also use this platform for lead generation.

Tools you can use for this are Brand24, Awario, Mention, Talkwalker and many more.

3. Influencer Marketing (Brand Influencers)

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Influencer marketing is becoming an established trend in social media marketing for some years and it has been paying off. Brand/Social media influencers are paid huge amount of money to represent a particular. Influencers are skilled in creating contents that would get the engagements you need for your page. Their followers get to see this product and patronize the brand. Most brands tap into the influence range of these influencers in order to promote their brand. These influencers are selected based on the target audience the brand aims to reach.

Micro influencers (10k followers) also get benefit from this new trend. Some brand may not be able to afford the big influencers so they go for the micro influencers. It also depends on the product/brand. Most of the big brands out there are utilizing the influence of some celebrities on social media to market and promote their brand.

This is one of the trends you need to jump on in 2019, it’s working for many brands.

4. Videos

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Video content is not just a trend on social media, it’s also an effective marketing tool. Over the years, video content has been noticed to get more engagement on social media. It’s one of the trends you should take advantage of for your business/brand/product. Live videos are one tool you can use to market your brand/product/service. Since more videos bring traffic to your page, you shouldn’t hesitate to use it. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are some of the best social media platforms you can use to drive video contents.

5. Stories

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Stories on the different social media platforms are one of the new trends that most brands take advantage of. From Instagram stories to Snapchat and the introduction of Facebook stories, these tools are very effective for marketing. Stories are active and efficient in marketing your brand. There are over 400 million people using stories, which means millions of people can access your brand just by using stories. It’s easy to create, it’s not necessarily long, engaging and fun.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to use stories. You have to stop at putting just content on Instagram, you can also use stories and it would go far.

6.Direct Messaging

Using messaging applications to send direct messages to your targeted audience/followers is one of the most effective trends you should jump on in2019. To get to people, you need to move beyond public post to direct messages. It fosters the relationship you have with your audience. It also helps you connect directly to your audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and many others are perfect for this trend.  For more engagement, you need to send a direct message to your audience. Real-time communication is one of the best ways to stay relevant on most social media platforms. Through messaging, you get feedback from your potential customers.

7. Chatbots

Chatbots give brands the opportunity to connect and interact with directly with their audience on a personal level. It’s heartwarming when people land on your page, someone is there to answer all their questions. This trend makes marketing very easy. It creates some level of relationship between your brand and its audience. These bots will create instant and accurate answers to questions. You can also use chatbots on your brand/business social media platforms to help boost the relationship you have with your customers.

Chatbots also provides customer care services which foster real-time communication. Every business page should have a chatbot in 2019 for good marketing practice on social media.

8. Transformation Of Paid To Personalized Contents

Paid contents have better reach than personalized contents. For you have engagement on your site, paid contents are the way to go. The more the engagement, the more the relevance of your page. You would edit this paid content and personalized them.

9. The Use Of Social Media TV

In the previous year, Instagram launched IGTV and this has been so effective in the digital marketing industry. Using the IGTV will help you spread real-time information to your audience. The trend will make people spend more time on your page other than using a minute video on your page. Influencers and celebrities use this platform to push put their work and activities. Do not be left out in making this a marketing tool for your business/brand/product.

10. User-Generated Contents

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These contents help other users connect with your brand/business, thereby making more believable and credible. It’s part of the trends that’s been utilized by big brands like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, e.t.c. and we can tell you it’s working. User-generated contents like organizing a contest, reposting your audience post about your brand and many more.  Hashtags also help you drive this kind of content on social media.

Having in mind that the social media environment changes quickly, you have to update yourself with the trends and how it fits into the promotion of your brand. Here, the audience dictates what they want and for your business/brand/product to grow, you have to give them what they want. For example, if you have more engagement on videos, use it more often; if it’s a live feed on social media, you can also use that more often.

With all these trends put in place, you need to know that the success of marketing on social media doesn’t happen in one day. It takes a gradual process to achieve your set goals. Ensure you gain the trust of your customers and make your services believable with the kinds of content you dish out on social media.

Keep your knowledge updated and apply them to your business daily.

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At DigitalMatrix, we’re duly updated with the trends that would be needed to market your business/brand/product on social media with an evident result. We’re up to the task of making your business/brand/product number one with the right strategy and tend. All you need to do is contact us here and you won’t regret you did.