Boost Your Social Media Presence With These 8 Simple Social Media Optimization Tips

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Do you need Social Media Optimization tips? Digital marketing doesn’t stop at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it also goes further to Social Media Optimization. Optimizing your websites or contents for just search engines is not enough. If you want to break grounds in your industry, you need to optimize your social media as well. Many business owners think posting daily on social media is all it takes to makes sales. This is not true! You have to go the extra mile to get that level of sales that you want in your business.

As you already, social media is getting bigger by the second. It would be no surprise if it ends up getting bigger than the internet. There are over 3 billion active users on social media on the internet. This, therefore, shows you that social media is a fertile ground that can help make your business/brand grow rapidly. Since mobile phones and data are now more affordable, the social media community is becoming larger by day. In today’s market, social media creates the highest level of engagements for every business.

But if you don’t know your way around social media, how will it benefit your business? This is a question you need to ponder on. This is where you need social media optimization. Social media is the most aggressive when it comes to pushing out new trends or features.  Utilizing this channel will be a great gain for your business/brand. Since people now use social reviews to buy products online, social media optimization became important. But first, you need to understand what Social Media Optimization is. Then, we’ll move forward to the tips needed to guide our way.

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What Is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

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Social Media optimization is the processes and techniques put in place to promote a product, brand, service on several social media platforms to generate publicity and awareness. With SMO, you get to increase your brand awareness as well as selling your products/services simultaneously. SMO grows an organization’s online presence. You already know how important this is when it comes to digital marketing. If you want to grow your social media/online presence, you need SMO.

There’s a slight difference between SEO and SMO. SEO targets traffic on search engines which also includes on-page and off-page optimization. While SMO targets traffic on social media which involves only on-page optimization. Do you see why you need both? Increasing your conversion rate is possible with SMO. You can have a total package with SMO. All you need to do is follow the Social Media Optimization tips provided for you in this post.

What Social Media Optimization Will Do For You?

Social Media Optimization can also increase the traffic that’s being directed to your website. This ends up increasing your rank on search engines. SMO optimizes your social media platforms and posts that they get to pop up when users search with keywords on your page. Isn’t that amazing? You get to show up on people’s search options/results on social media. SMO entails all activities that would make your business grow. SMO also helps to increase the ranking of all your social media pages.

With the high usability of social media today, SMO becomes increasingly important for the growth of all businesses. SMO also builds the reputation of your business and brand. With high activities on your pages, SMO builds a good relationship between your brand and your target customers. When you optimize for search engines on social media, more people will find your profile. Through your profile, they’ll also find and visit your website. This is equal to more traffic on your website and higher rank on search engines. It also creates more backlinks from your social media profile to your website. This is also good for conversion and high ranking.

You wouldn’t want to throw away all these benefits that SMO brings for you. So, it’s time to activate your SMO game so, you can keep smiling to the bank with sales.

Social Media Optimization Tips That Will Expand Your Business

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With all the benefits of SMO provided above, you still need to get acquainted with some tips that would help you go about it. We’re here to help out with that. We have carefully selected some tips that would make your SMO process a smooth ride. Pay close attention to these tips and you’ll be glad you did. Here are the Social Media Optimization tips you need to expand your business.

1. Integrate Your Social Media Platforms Into Your Website

Social media sharing tools are very important in SMO. It has been observed that the link on social media is often considered as a higher-quality link. This is why you need to integrate them into your web structure. All this includes the web links from your website to the social media platforms and from the social media profile back to the website. This would help to create backlinks. Another thing you can do is integrate social media sharing buttons to your blog post.

Implementing this would also prompt people to reshare your posts. Resharing your blog posts creates more brand awareness and more traffic to your website.

2. Create Quality Content

You already know content is everything. It’s your content that brings prospective customers to your pages. This is why you need to pay attention to the quality of content you put out there. You can’t put out a shabby content and expect lots of traffic. It’s not possible. Your contents must contain all the necessary keywords attached to that topic. Keep it in mind that you have to create visually appealing contents. It’s social media and what they see is what they judge.

Interactive contents also have a higher advantage of getting engagements. Engagements bring traffic and increase the conversion rate on the website. It also builds the relationship between your brand and the prospective customers. Ensure your contents have quality and the ability to go viral.

3.Complete Your Profile

When you’re filling your social media profile on all your social media platforms, ensure the information provided are complete. The moment people notice that your contents are interesting, they’ll go to your profile. If your profile has incomplete information, it would affect your rank. From your name to links to the sites, bio and others, make sure they are all provided. It also ensures the validity of your brand. This would also make your profile look professional. Search engines will pick up your profile if it has the right keyword needed.

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4. Keep A Consistent Image

When filling your information on social media, it has to be consistent with the information on your website. Most brands lose their prospective customers because of their profile. Ensure you fill your profile at 100% rate. If your website has a particular identity, ensure your social media represent the same identity. There shouldn’t be any difference between all the contact information in your social media profiles and your websites. This speaks professionalism.

Always Include your logo. Use the same brand colours in all your images. It helps people recognize your content and brand easily. It also registers your logo in their minds, so when they see your contents, they know it’s your brand.

5. Create Quality Web Design

The way you design your website matters a lot when it comes to your audience’s acceptance. Your website has to be easy to navigate that is, it has to be user-friendly. If your website is not easy and attractive, it would increase your bounce rate. You know the bounce rate is bad for traffic and conversions. Your users must be able to navigate your website easily. Use simple and relatable words when creating the website.

Your website outlook also determines the way people will respond to your social media platforms. If your website is not attractive, your social media platforms will receive less attention from people.

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6. Be Keyword Conscious

Whatever activities that take place on your social media platforms, ensure you pay attention to keywords. Keywords play a strong role in maximizing your social media profiles. Stop leaving your money on the table of your competitors by optimizing your profiles. You can effectively use keywords or phrase in your industry for your page name. By using these keywords, search engines will recognize and rank for your social media platforms.

The use of relevant hashtags with keywords is also very important in ranking your social media platforms. Also, in your blog posts and ad campaigns, use relevant keywords.  Keyword also helps to keep your content relevant to your target audience and prospective customers.

Do not overlook this tip, it’s extremely important for great social media optimization.

7. Be Active On Social Media

To maintain a good social media presence, you need to be active. Your level of activity on social media attracts the number of users on your pages. Be reminded that your social media presence doesn’t stop at just posting contents. You have to take a step further to engage with your followers. Engagements help your traffic, so you need to be active at doing that. It’s important you respond to their queries or comments in your inbox or page.

Also, for search engines to recognize and rank your page, the activities on your social pages have to be high. One way to also make your posting easy is by imputing your social sharing options in your blog posts. For a WordPress site, all you need to do is install a social sharing plugin and you’re good to go.

8. Branded Cover Images

The impact of a branded cover image can never be overemphasized. The cover image is what the user first sees when they land on your social media platforms. We trust you’d want to give them a good impression of your brand. A well-branded cover image will do the trick for you. You can use it as a means to convey your brand message to your current and prospective followers/customers.

Ensure you use professional images that are memorable with the right image size. It should be well displayed on your social pages. This would give your page a professional look and also make your brand valid.

All these social media optimization tips provided above needs your absolute, undivided attention. So, you need to give it all you have to get favourable results.

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