Here Are The Different Types Of Email Marketing Campaigns That Will Grow Your Business

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Do you have an idea about the types of email marketing campaign you should get involved in? We bet not. Telling you that all email marketing campaigns have different purposes. You can’t use the same type of email for different businesses in the same industry. We’ll like for you to upgrade your email marketing campaign. That’s what this article will help you do. Would you believe that with the rise in technology, email marketing is still so relevant? With all the noise on videos, artificial intelligence, chatbots and more, email marketing seems to be less relevant. But it’s not true. Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of marketing. It also plays a key role that cannot be neglected in digital marketing.

Searching for more directive ways to connect with your leads, try email marketing. Despite all the hype from social media marketing, email marketing still drives more customer engagement. Because you get to reach them on a more personal level. In the previous year, email marketing ranked the most effective marketing channel. Why is this? It’s because most people use their emails more than other channels. If most of your customers are busy folks, you can’t afford to neglect email marketing at all. This is why you need to know about the different types of email marketing campaigns out there.

Let’s introduce you to email marketing first before showing the types of email marketing campaigns.

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What Is Email Marketing?

email marketing digitalmatrix lagos

If you an online business or you’re familiar with digital marketing, you must have come across email marketing. According to Lyfe Marketing, email marketing is the use of email to promote your business. It is the use of electronic mail as a means of promoting your business/brand/product by sending direct messages to a list of e-mails. If you want to cultivate the relationship with your potential customers, you need email marketing. An email marketing campaign is a series of marketing efforts that provides customers with relevant offers and contents from your business via emails.

Emails are really effective in the promotion of business and marketing of products and services but it still depends on how you approach it. It’s possible to create 80% of your customers from email marketing campaigns.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

email marketing digitalmatrix lagos

You should also know about the benefits of email marketing. When you do, you’ll realize how important it is to your online business. Here are the benefits of email marketing.

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1. Boosts Brand Awareness

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When you provide valuable contents to your audience, they become more aware of your brand. Recognition increases automatically. Once you get your prospective customer more involved with your brand, your brand will get that awareness. You already know brand awareness means more activities on your page. More activities = more traffic and a higher rank on search engines. Emails also help you get feedback from your prospective customers.

2. Builds Customer’s Relationship

Emails make communication more personal. If you want to build a good relationship with your customers, sending emails is the best way. When you send emails to your customers, they get to see it on time, unlike social media. Providing information directly in their inbox consistently builds the customer’s relationship. When they get to know about giveaways or promos before others, the trust increases. This, therefore, increases sales.

3. Drives And Boost Traffic

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As you include links from your website in the emails you send, it redirects them to your website. The more they clink this link, the more traffic you have. As you create leads, you get more traffic simultaneously. This is why it’s important you include links in every email you send. It’s very important for traffic. When you get more traffic, your rank increases on search engines which are good for your website.

4. Builds Brand’s Credibility

Sending emails to your audience or prospective customers will build the credibility of your brand. It makes your brand look valid, professional and credible. Ensure that your audience grants you permission before sending them emails. By sending these emails, the credibility of your brand is ascertained.

5. Expand Sales

Promoting your business through emails that you send to your audience gives them access to purchase the products/services directly. Most business owners don’t know they can make sales with emails. When you send emails that promote your products/services, your customers get a deeper insight into what you’re offering. they also get to see the link that directs them to the page. It makes easy for them to purchase the products/services.

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Types Of Email Marketing Campaigns For Online Business

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As it was said earlier, email marketing build the customer relationship. Smart business owners and marketers always look forward to improving that relationship as well as getting more sales. How will you do that? Through different types of email marketing campaigns. Today’s post will highlight and explain several types of campaigns. Ensure you pay close attention to these types so you can apply them to your business. Here are the different types of email marketing campaigns.

1. The Welcome Email

email marketing campaign types digitalmatrix lagos

This is one of the most important types of email. It involves your welcome address to your latest subscriber. You can’t afford to neglect this email because it’s your first personal contact with your prospective customer. It’s a simple email but it has to be well communicated. Tell them how happy you are to have them on your list. You also need to educate them on why they should stick with you and what your brand is all about. Ensure you include CTAs that would drive them to make a move as fast as possible.

You need to also state what they should expect in their inbox from you. Invite them to your social media by dropping the links in the email.

2. Newsletter

email marketing campaign types digitalmatrix lagos

Every business owner should know about the newsletter. Its the daily or weekly communication you have with your recipients. Most people like to receive company’s update in their mail. Your newsletter will contain the updates or changes your company made. It helps you keep your customers abreast of all happenings in your company. That way they feel they are part of your family. The newsletter increases your brand’s visibility. You can also push out your contents with the newsletter.

3. Promotional Emails

This type of email is very common amongst the email marketing campaigns. This email is all about promoting your brand. You can also promote your products and services individually. Promotional emails include discounts, coupons, bonuses and more offers. Your promotional emails should be optimized and have the right CTAs. The promotional emails should provoke your recipient’s emotions. It should also leave them curious and also educate them about the products/services you’offering. Ensure you include images/videos, infographics and colours.

4. Request Emails

If your brand keeps to their word when it comes to your products/services delivery, emails/content delivery and other promises, trust is built. By then you have the right to request somethings from your customers. The request email will be basically on reviews and testimonies. You already over 80%  of people read reviews and testimonies before purchasing a particular product/service.

Send emails to your customers, requesting for their reviews. You can tell them to put it on your social pages or whatever platform you choose. You know how important those reviews are. So, do not hesitate to send those emails.

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5. Seasonal Campaigns

This email marketing campaign is just a branch-off promotional type. This only comes during special holidays in the year. From Valentine’s Day to other special day’s in the year, you can choose to give out special offers. You can choose the holidays that resonates with your industry. The email will contain the offers that would be happening. You have to indicate the duration of the offer. Ensure you send the email a few days before the day it starts.

Start early so you’ll be the first to reach their inbox about special offers. The CTAs used should have some sense of urgency in it. So they can take up the offer as soon as they get the email.

6. Connect-Via-Social Campaign

This type of email marketing is a chain that flows from your email to your socials and back to your email. It allows the engagement of people on your news feed. All you need to do is drop the links in every email you send. You can connect to your prospective customers. You can get to increase your followers and drive traffic to your page at the same time.

email marketing campaign types digitalmatrix lagos

7. Confirmation Emails

This is a very much needed email. It’s an email you send to your website visitors, prospective and paying audience after they complete any action. It assures them that their transactions or actions were recognized and accepted. It gives your audience a sense of value and increases their trust in your brand. When they get confirmation emails, there’s a sign of relief for your audience that they took the right decision. There should be a confirmation email for subscribing, purchasing and completing a payment.

8. Re-Engagement Emails

This email is for inactive subscribers. When you notice some inactive subscribers on your list, send them this type of emails. Now, the email can come as a sequence. Ensure it reactivates their interest in your brand. There should be CTAs that provoke them to take actions that will favour your brand. The purpose of this email is to bring those subscribers back or clear your list. You might need to remove them so they become dead weights for you.

One thing you need to note is that the different types of email marketing campaign don’t apply to all industries. Just use the ones that work with your brand/industry. You have a balance between value-adding emails and promotional emails. Paying close attention to your email marketing campaign is important if you intend to make large sales this year. All these might be a lot for you to handle. That’s why we’re here for you.

At DigitalMatrix Agency, we offer amazing email marketing services that will promote your brand and expand your customer base. All you need to do to partake in this is to contact by visiting our website, We’re waiting for you. Take that step today!

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