Upgrade Your Website With These 2020 Web Design Trends

Web design trends 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

Have you implemented the web design trend for 2020 on your website? With the continuous evolution in trends and creativity, you cannot afford to stay behind when it comes to web design. Every brand must have a website which is determined by the web design. Web design determines the outlook of your website. When it comes to digital marketing, you need to be alert. The reason is that the internet releases new information every time and you cannot afford to be left behind. The internet keeps growing and has changed a lot in the past few years. Here’s why you need to be updated with daily happenings.

Web design trends have pushed forward over the years. When it comes to digital marketing and web design, you need to be as creative as possible. You need to take note of colour combinations, letterings, videos, pictures and more. You need to also keep your audience’s in mind. Does your web design appeal to them, does it represent your brand properly? You need to tick these questions when creating a web design. Every visual element in your design determines how your users react to your design.

After identifying the trend of web design, then, you need to stick with it until another one emerges. You might have been wondering what web design is and how you would keep up with the trend.

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What Is Web Design?

Importance of SEO website design digitalmatrix lagos

According to the Interaction Design Foundation, Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development. Web design focuses on the appearance, skills and the discipline it takes to maintain a website. It’s simply a process of creating and presenting contents on electronic webpages which users can have access to through the internet.

How would you know good web design? Good web design is easy to use, appeals to the users, Suits the targeted audience and properly interprets the brand. If your web design hasn’t ticked all these boxes then you should know something is wrong. The reason you need to pay close attention to your web design is that it’s the face of your company. The impression your website gives is what your company has. If you intend to make a statement, do it with your web design.

Web Design Trends For 2019

Do you already have a website and you think it’s not good enough? Then this post is for you. There are web design trends for 2019. We’ll be providing the web design trends that we stumbled on in 2019. We noticed that these trends are quite prominent in the web design of top brands. If it’s working for them, then what stops you from using the same trend for your website. You’ll find out that after implementing these trends to recreate your website, there would be a noticeable change in your website. Not just that, your rank on search engines begins to increase.

Here are some of the web design trends you can implement in 2019.

Web design trends 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

1. 3-D Illustration

After the reign of flat design which was taken to be the best, the evolution of 3-D illustration came to be. The 3-Dimensional illustration is one of the new trends that seem to be prominent in most of the top web designs today. This trend relates to humans because of the animated representation. It, therefore, sharpens the contrast between digital products and human beings. When users see these illustrations on your website, it appeals to their senses. It helps them relate to your products/services as well as your brand.

If you’re still in the era of flat designs, it’s time to upgrade to 3-D illustrations. We can bet that you’ll more visitors on your site and your traffic will increase. This then moves on to increase your rank on search engines and customers start trooping in.

2. Animated GIFs

You must have noticed that GIFs are everywhere. From social media to web design, GIFs is the happening trend and the earlier you jump on it the better for you. Aside from using animation in the form of 3-D illustrations, animated GIFs has also been noticed to be prominent. Several top brands have found a way of implementing this trend in their web design. You’ll see them on several websites today. Remember that you have a few seconds to capture your visitor’s mind, animated GIFs will help you achieve that in a split second.

GIFs convey complex terms in the simplest and most interesting way. This is also another reason you should add GIFs in your web design. The icing on the cake is that it works with most browsers and mobile devices. Which means your audiences can have access to it. The GIFs you’re using has to relate with your brand, products/services.

3. Outlined Text

Using outlined letterings is one the web design you should jump on as soon as possible. The half-drawn text has a way of capturing people’s eyes. Using it in your web design will make your brand more unique. When your letterings are less bulky, it gives your website a unique that would set your brand apart. What are you waiting for? Implement this text on your website today and you’ll be glad you did.

4. White Space

Web design trends 2019 digitalmatrix lagos

Web design has a lot to do with the mindset of people. Your website has to have a mix of simplicity despite the fact there would be a mix of colours. Leave some breathing space on your website with white spaces. It helps your website look less jampacked. This white spaces also encourage readability on your website. It also allows your user to concentrate more on the coloured images/letterings. While considering the white spaces, ensure you make the important features on the website coloured.

Check your web design today, if you don’t have breathing space, it’s better you implement it as soon as possible. You’ll find out that your website will have a better outlook with the addition of this new trend.

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5. Video

It’s no gainsaying when we say videos pull loads of traffic. It also applies to web design. Videos seem to be bolder and eye-catching for your audience. All you need to is find the right sync so as to make your written and video content blend well. Video helps your customers understand your products and how it’s been used. In other words, it’s more product-focused. You don’t necessarily need to include sound in the video, it’s optional. Just ensure the video is positioned in the place where they’ll find it easily.

If you haven’t included videos in your web design, you should do that as soon as possible and your website will be on top of search engines.

6. Original Tones And Textures

Most consumers like to support brands that are original and authentic. The question is, how much of your brand’s authenticity can you put into your web design? As the competition in your industry increases, your originality will set you apart. The originality shows with everything on your web design. From your images to videos, put your authenticity into it. Incorporating your originality into your web design is not so hard.

You can take photographs of your products and services in real-life occurrences. It relates more to your audience. Use a flat lay technique so it would look well on the website.

7. Colour Based On The Market Position

When it comes to colours, you have to be selective with the kind of colours you use. Some brands use softer colours. You have to pick colours that appeal to your industry and market. Just ensure that your illustration represents your brand well. Pick your colour wisely.

8. Geometric And Organic Shapes

Shapes also add beauty and colour to your web design. Colourful shape puts your website at advantage. Using irregular shapes are organic shapes. Organic shapes on web design appeal more to the users. When they’re combined with images, they come out so well. This is why you should use it in your web design. Do you know you can pass a lot of messages using shapes? Yes, you can! Upgrade your website today and you’ll be glad you did.

At the end of the day, trends come and go. All you need to do is stay true to your brand and also evolve with the trend. Just ensure that the trends align with the company’s brand. With this, you’re set to get more than enough traffic. You’ll also make more sales since you have quite a large number of people landing on your page.

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